A damaged cat’s paws mean pain to him, so to help him heal and spare him pain, especially when he walks, here’s what you need to do.

Damaged cat’s paw pad: Healing step by step

The damaged pad is easily treatable, here is how to proceed to cure your cat and prevent the situation from developing in the wrong direction.

Find the cause of the problem

If your cat has a damaged paw pad it is vital that you can find the cause to prevent it from happening again, maybe there is something sharp on the floor like shards of glass or it is got stung by a wasp .

Then, act so that he can no longer put himself in danger, which he will avoid most of the time, but if there is really something dangerous on the ground and not necessarily visible like pieces of glass, make it so that he can be spared.

Rinse his wound

This is the first reflex to have so that your cat can avoid a deterioration of his wound, lukewarm water will be more pleasant for him, take a sterile compress to wipe the water at the end, and avoid disinfecting with water. alcohol at 90 degrees because this solution is not suitable for cats.

If your cat is resistant, you can use soothing pheromones to calm him down and give him a reward when the wash and other steps are done so he’ll be less of a pain next time.

Disinfect it

To disinfect the wound, take a dermal antiseptic suitable for cats that you will find in pharmacies to promote healing and above all to avoid a worsening of the problem.

Disinfection must be done 2 to 3 times a day so that your cat can have a good ground for healing.

Put a bandage on him

The bandage will allow him to reduce the pain when he walks and especially not to suffer bleeding, a bandage for men will do the trick, but make sure that it is of sufficient quality so as not to unhook.

The dressing should be changed daily as it will easily get soiled when your cat walks around, even indoors.

Leave it inside

Until his pad has healed, avoid taking your cat outside because the injury to the pad could get worse when he mop. Leave it well inside, or the healing will be much easier.

Anyway, if the injury of the pad is important, he will have difficulty walking and will prefer to stay in his corner to sleep while he heals.

Go to the vet if needed

If nothing changes or the pad is badly damaged, it will be vital to take it to the veterinarian for appropriate treatment. If the wound is oozing, smelly, or hurting your cat, that’s a sign to see the vet.

If the pad has an extensive injury, with a foreign body that is difficult to remove or is getting worse, the veterinarian is essential.

What can I do myself?

You can give him a cleanser for wounds and wounds which will allow faster healing, also a soothing balm which will help to maintain the pain. Finally, a protective sock can be useful if walking really hurts him. Here is the Amazon link to find all these products.

Cat that has a damaged paw pad: The final word

If your cat has damaged his pad, it is vital to heal it because if the situation worsens, he may lose it permanently. Treating it is not difficult, you just need to put in place the right solutions.