Do you have a cat with a yellow tooth? In fact, the problem is easy to find, it is the pie. In this article I show you how to manage this problem to avoid a worsening and its consequences and ensure impeccable dental hygiene for your cat.

Cat with a yellow tooth: Tartar formation

Tartar occurs from bacteria in the mouth that clump together until tartar forms. Persians and Burmeses are more at risk than other cat breeds, but everyone can get them. Your cat will then have yellow teeth and bad breath.

Tartar is not only a problem at the level of appearance, but also in depth, because it can lead to many problems:

  • Gingivitis  : Which causes pain and swelling and will be painful for your cat, which can progress to periodontitis or stomatitis and cause him to lose all his teeth.

  • An oral infection: Can also grow and affect all the teeth until there is nothing left.

  • Heart and kidney problems: Tartar passing through the blood and can cause serious illnesses. Kidney and heart problems are the deadliest in cats, including kidney failure and cardiac arrest.

Teeth problems are very dangerous because they can lead to much more dangerous problems, hence the need to treat the problem quickly and take action to prevent recurrences. Also remember that your cat is in pain and he may stop drinking and eating because of his toothache, in this case make sure your cat can have access to moist, soft food and always even lukewarm water so that food intake is the easiest problem.

How to solve the problem ?

Scaling is essential, the veterinarian will do it and can make your cat’s teeth totally yellow. The operation is completely painless and your veterinarian will know how to avoid traumatizing your cat while preserving its health for the future.

To prevent the problem from recurring, make sure to brush her teeth from time to time with a cat toothpaste that does not need to be rinsed off.

For food, kibble helps to slow down its appearance because it promotes chewing. A good balance of wet and dry food.

However, as long as tartar is present your cat may not want dry food because of the pain of chewing, so wait until the problem is resolved before giving unmoistened kibble.

Cat with a yellow tooth: The final word

If your cat has yellow teeth, then you will have to eliminate the pie and above all avoid any recurrence by implementing the right solutions. If the problem recurs even with all the good habits, have it descaled regularly. Generally every 2 to 3 years is recommended.