Does your cat have yellow runny eyes? It’s okay to worry, it’s not normal and there’s something wrong with it. But with the right precautions, you can treat your cat, here are the most common causes of this problem and how to deal with them.

Cat with yellow runny eyes: The causes and their solutions

Here are the major causes of the problem and the solutions to implement to deal with it and cure your cat as soon as possible. For each, I explain what you need to do to be able to cure your cat.


Conjunctivitis is inflammation of the transparent membrane which covers the white part of the eye and which causes discharge from the eyes, sometimes yellow, especially in the presence of a bacterial infection.

To pass the problem, use an eye lotion suitable for cats that will allow you to treat it as well as possible and avoid an evolution to the worst. If nothing changes, go to the vet.

The veterinarian to give you a medical solution that will treat the problem if nothing changes quickly, he will perform an auscultation and ask you questions to establish the diagnosis.


This infectious disease is transmitted between cats and can cause yellow eye discharge in cats in addition to respiratory problems. If your cat has this condition, it is likely the cause of the problem.

In this case, go to the vet as soon as possible and always make sure that your cat has fresh air, because he can only breathe through his nose and a breathing problem can put him in danger if the right arrangements are not made.

There are solutions to better help cats breathe, especially in drugstores, such as respicat, which will help them get better while waiting to go to the veterinarian. If your cat is not vaccinated, think about it because the chances of catching coryza with the vaccine are very low.

And if you have several cats, isolate the one with yellow runny eyes so that he cannot transmit anything via his saliva for example, because cats tend to lick each other , and check the eyes of other cats as well as their breathing to act on what you perceive.

Other causes

There are a multitude of other causes, but these are much less common, it can be an irritation for example or another disease, but which generally do not give this yellow color, although they cannot be excluded. In any case, the veterinarian to determine if nothing changes quickly with natural treatments and precautions.

Do not miss any risk

If your cat has yellow runny eyes, it is better to take the necessary measures so that it does not aggravate the situation.

First of all, make sure that you leave your cat indoors, that he does not endanger himself outside by coming into contact with something that makes the situation worse, and also that he do not put yourself in danger because of pain, for example by falling from a tree.

Then, wash his eye regularly with a suitable solution as mentioned above or at least with water, never use physiological serum for humans because it is not adapted to the cat’s ph.

Finally, if your cat rubs his eyes, which is very bad, put an Elizabethan collar on him, which will prevent him from touching his eyes in case of itching. The Elizabethan collar prevents him from scratching and will also be useful if he starts licking his body when he has a wound , it is a precious accessory to avoid stupid aggravations.

What to know about cats eyes

The eye area must be treated quickly in the cat because even if it is not its main sense, having very poor eyesight , the cat needs its sight, especially outdoors, and a simple tearing problem whether it is yellow or not , can make it difficult for him to assess the dangers, for example.

Anything that affects the eye area in cats should be treated quickly, as this is an important area and one that can become infected and blind your cat in the most extreme cases.

Can yellow cat discharge be prevented?

The vaccine against coryza and a healthy environment, without dust to take an example) can limit the problem but no solution guarantees it 100%.

Be aware, however, that flat-nosed cats are more at risk because of their morphology and that old or very young cats will also be more prone to the problem because their immune system is more fragile and more prone to disease.

Why this yellow color?

If the eyes run yellow, it is not a yellow substance like bile which is naturally present in cats, but a purulent secretion of pus which reflects the fight of the immune system against bacteria . Pus itself is a collection of immune cells.

How to avoid recurrences?

It’s hard to prevent recurrences, but be aware that your cat should be separated from others to prevent infections from spreading, and if he’s susceptible to eye problems, dietary supplements can help his immune system manage them better.

As for allergies, it will be necessary to preserve it as much as possible from allergens and above all to ensure that it can have an antihistamine treatment.

When to see the vet?

The veterinarian should be consulted if nothing changes over time or after 24 hours for very weak cats, either very young or on the contrary in their old age. The veterinarian will examine him and give him a treatment, certainly painful to give to the cat and which will not be pleasant to him, but which is sometimes necessary.

Cat with yellow runny eyes: The final word

If your cat has runny yellow eyes, it’s not something serious, but always take precautions to prevent his condition from getting worse and go see the veterinarian in case nothing changes quickly, especially whether your cat is very young or very old.