Your cat has its tail in the air and shaking? It is not something that comes about by chance. On the contrary, it reveals something special when he does. I present to you the causes of this peculiarity and how to react to it.

Cat that has its tail in the air and is shaking: The causes

If your cat uses the tail in this way, here are the 3 causes that explain it. For each, I explain how to recognize them and especially how to react properly.

He is excited

The first reason is that he is excited, usually he will do this with his tail when he sees you feeding him and expresses his excitement at the sight of the dish you are serving him. Young cats also have this behavior when they want to play and spend their energy.

If your cat has noticed something he’s going to like, that’s why he’s raising his tail and wiggling it. It will usually purr in parallel.

Here, a choice is offered to you, to win your case right away by feeding him or having fun with him, which offers the advantage of welding the ties between you but also the disadvantage of making him understand that he will always have a positive response to his requests which can lead to behavior problems.

He is happy

When your cat is happy, he will also use the tail in this way, you will often see him having this attitude when he is happy and purring. He will generally be in a lying position and with his eyes closed or semi-closed, he may also start blinking. In this case, of course, there is no problem.

He is attracted to something

A bird by the window, a spider on the ceiling, there is no shortage of sources of excitement for cats and reminds them of their natural predatory animal instinct. Excitement will also lead felines to raise their tail (sign of curiosity) and make it quiver (sign of excitement). The tremors will be sharp and i will have dilated pupils.

The excitement is the same when you give his food, especially if it’s a food he loves like tuna or chicken or salmon oil, which is very good for him.

Should something be done?

If your cat does this very often, you can buy him games for cats so that he can exercise because he probably needs to exercise and drain all his energy. The food puzzles and cat wheels will allow him to exert himself without counting.

But if your cat has a normal behavior, then if there is not to worry, your cat moves its tail to express its emotions, it is especially when it does not move and is in the air that it should be worried, as this is very often a sign that he is defensive and under stress.

The final word

There is nothing to worry about behind these characteristics, on the contrary, they only indicate good emotions in your cat and will be especially present in young kittens, who naturally have more energy and are much more curious and easily pleased.