A cat with loose stools is not necessarily a serious problem. But it still hides a malfunction. Here are all the causes of loose stools with the right solutions for each. I’ll explain everything you need to do.

Cat with loose stools: The different causes and their solutions

If your cat has loose stools, then it is a consequence of certain things. Here are the different sources of loose stools in cats. For each, I offer you the solutions to put in place so that your cat finds normal stools.

Too many vegetables

Vegetables can be good for cats but don’t forget that his diet is different from ours because his body is too. So start well by giving him a quantity of vegetables respecting his daily macronutrient needs.

Because if we need 55% carbohydrates, only 33% should constitute the cat’s diet. The proteins must be more numerous because it is a mainly carnivorous animal. I advise you to remove vegetables, tubers, legumes and fruit at first to see the difference.

Some vegetables are also toxic to him and I strongly advise you to inquire before giving him foods for men, especially those that are vegetable. Grapes, garlic and onions, for example, are toxic to it.

Before feeding your cat, pay close attention to how much vegetables you give it, which ones you give it, and how much carbohydrate it contains.

Among the best vegetables for your cat, carrots, pumpkins, green beans and zucchini are the most suitable for a cat’s carnivorous diet.

On the contrary, grapes in any form can lead to severe and irreversible kidney problems.

As for garlic, onion, leek or shallot, they contain thiosulphate which can cause the loss of red blood cells.

As for the avocado, it is harmful because of the persin it contains and even if it contains many very good lipids for us, the avocado is not suitable for the cat’s organism.

Low quality animal proteins and fats

If you take mash or kibble from a suspicious sub-brand, such as unsold products from countries that do not have high sales requirements, then it is possible that this poor quality can cause loose stool problems in the cat.

Always take good food, especially if he doesn’t have access to the outside and can’t chase it away, he won’t be able to compensate.

However, in case the cat hunts outside, make sure he does not eat old carcasses (which is very unlikely but young cats sometimes have trouble telling what is good from what is bad). for them).

Too many starches

This point is similar to that of these vegetables, because if the cat digests rice very well, for example, it unbalances its diet and starchy foods are far too rich in carbohydrates for your cat to eat them often.

Rice is also much more caloric than vegetables and you really have to limit the quantities. Rice can be used in case of diarrhea but normally, starches are not useful.

Food too hot

Food should be served cold or lukewarm as serving too hot can release harmful ingredients. So go back to lukewarm or cold food. Cats tend to refuse any food that is too hot anyway. Moreover in nature no food is warmer than the body temperature of their prey.

Heavy metals

Some fish contain a lot of heavy metals and if he eats a lot of tuna, for example, loose stools can be the consequence. Give preference to small fish, because large predators are too rich in heavy metals for him and will affect his health.

For example, sardines will be much better for his health just like anchovies. You can check the mercury level per fish online.

Cat with loose stools: The final word

If your cat has loose stools, then it’s time to change a part of his diet that is not suitable and he can return to normal transit. Soft stools are not a sign of a dangerous pathology but of an imbalance in the body and especially in its diet which leads to abnormal digestion.