A cat that has diarrhea and blood in its stools is not normal and it is not just a simple disease, in this article I explain everything about the causes of this problem and guide you so that you can act. best for your feline.

Cat that has diarrhea and blood in its stool: The causes

This problem can come from several causes, here is for each one how to recognize it and especially how to put in place the right solutions.


The feline tyhpus , very contagious between cats but very little towards humans, is a viral disease which must be treated as quickly as possible by a veterinarian, its evolution being able to put his cat in danger. Feline typhus can be cured very well and as long as you act in time, your cat will not be in danger.

To give you an idea of ​​whether it is indeed typhus, check to see if your cat has a fever, coughs or is vomiting.


Fleas, worms and ticks can enter your cat’s body, even if it stays inside, because a simple mosquito can transmit flea larvae. So if your cat is losing weight, seems weak, is scratching or you just notice white dots in his stool, the parasites are present.

In addition to being present in your cat’s body, they absorb these micro-nutrients and multiply, so you must act as quickly as possible and deworm it to prevent it from dying. To prevent the problem from reappearing in some time, have it dewormed.

The stress

Very intense stress can cause bloody diarrhea in cats. Here it is such extreme stress that I advise you to take him to the vet. A stressed cat will be scared and aggressive.

In the meantime, give him the calmest environment possible, eliminate any source of stress and spray calming pheromones for an immediate effect.

Digestive problems

Serious digestive problems can cause bleeding and diarrhea in cats, if you have changed your diet or your cat is getting older, this may be the cause, and the veterinarian can direct you to a more suitable food.

If the blood is red, then the digestive problem is located lower in the digestive system and is usually not serious. But if it’s black, it’s on top and may have a more problematic cause.

What to do while waiting for the vet?

You can make your cat’s transit easier by giving him foods that are easy to digest, so soft and also lukewarm so that his body does not have to heat up the food. This will help him have less painful bowel movements and will not encourage him to stop eating and drinking. A fiber-rich food is also recommended to avoid diarrhea as much as possible.

What will the vet do?

The veterinarian will start by asking you questions, such as the history, the context or the appearance of the stool. He will then listen to him and may conduct additional examinations if he deems it necessary. At the end of the analyses, he will prescribe a treatment to solve the problem in depth.

My cat has diarrhea and blood in the stool: The final word

Like any major health problem, it must pass through the hands of the veterinarian, while waiting for the visit, do the best so that your cat suffers the least possible effects and can live as normally as possible.