A cat with bloody eyes is always worrying, but don’t worry, by putting the right solutions in place, you will manage to cure your cat and prevent him from suffering negative consequences at the level of their eyes.

Cat with bloody eyes: The different causes

The causes are very diverse, concerning this problem, here are the different causes that can lead to it, how to recognize them and above all how to react to them so that your cat can heal quickly.

A sickness

The diseases are numerous, ranging from hypertension to hyperthyroidism to retinal dysplasia. If your cat suffers from one of these illnesses, he will have a generalized state of weakness. Old cats are much more sensitive to it. Dismissing the other two main causes can also help you to define whether or not there is a disease, by deduction.

Whatever the condition, eye lotion for the cat can keep the area under control, but going to the vet will be a must, especially if they are starting to age or are already very old.

A wound

If your cat has a wound in an eyelid or in the eye, the cause is a wound, if it’s light, then apply some cat eye lotion, but if it’s heavy or nothing evolves positively, going to see the veterinarian will be essential.


Parasites such as fleas or worms, among others, can also cause your cat to bleed and will need to be eliminated with a treatment dedicated to the type of parasite infesting your cat. Worms can be seen in his stool and fleas are often present in his coat. Always avoid recurrence by protecting it against these pests in the future.

What will the vet do?

In the event that a medical examination is necessary, the veterinarian will need a complete medical history and will carry out an ophthalmological examination to have as many details as possible, the causes being numerous.

Then, a blood count and other tests, thyroid and biochemical for example as well as x-rays can be carried out if a serious illness is suspected.

If this is not enough, then hormonal tests of the adrenal glands and a bone marrow biopsy may be performed.

Once the cause has been identified, medication or an operation can be put in place to correct the problem and ensure that your cat does not have any sequelae in the eye.

Precautions to be taken during healing

The cat will have to have a life adapted to its problem to prevent it from worsening its condition, it will have to stay inside for a week and remain calm if blood-related diseases are detected. If your cat has a tendency to rub his eyes, put a collar on him so that he avoids degrading the area affected by the bleeding.

Cat with bloody eyes: The final word

If your cat has bloody eyes, it will be necessary to act quickly to find the cause and put in place the right solutions, because this problem can hide a deeper disease.