If your cat has cut a pad, there may be several reasons, so if your cat is experiencing this problem, I will explain all the causes that may have caused the problem, and above all how to react so that your cat gets better and can both heal and not overlap again.

Cat that has a cut paw pad: The causes and their solutions

If your cat has cut a pad, here is why, how to recognize the cause and especially how to react for each of the possible causes.

He stepped on something sharp

If your cat has stepped on something sharp, it’s normal that her paw pads could be affected as they are more fragile, so double check that there are no bits of glass inside and nothing that can’t. hurt him.

So make sure that your cat can not hurt himself with sharp objects, outside, also pay attention to any sharp objects in your course which can also cause him cuts.

The weather favored it

The cold and sudden temperature changes can cause the pads to weaken, such as cracking, temperature changes and even cuts.

So if it’s very cold outside, leave it inside until everything returns to normal at the level of its pads.

He’s got something stuck

Classically, a splinter, which is not serious but very annoying and can cause bleeding. So make sure to remove the stuck substance and disinfect then apply the bandage, again every day.

To remove it, you may need to immobilize it but it is necessary, and if the splinter or what is stuck is too deep, going to the veterinarian will be essential so as not to cause damage by removing it. .

How to react ?

The first thing to do is to apply an antiseptic for cats to avoid infection and then to stop the bleeding with a bandage to be changed every day. Disinfection must also be done once a day at least.

Always let it cure under favorable circumstances, in this case indoors and in a temperate environment.

When to see the vet?

If the situation doesn’t change quickly or gets worse, see the vet to avoid a worsening of the cut and more serious pad problems, so you can ensure your cat can recover with medical treatment. If your cat is old, don’t hang around because his body is very fragile.

The veterinarian can also extract what is stuck if it is difficult to dislodge and safely, avoiding aggravation of the problem if you do it yourself.

Cat that has a cut pad: The final word

If your cat has a cut paw pad, take action so that he can walk normally again, this is not a serious thing, but a worsening can be problematic, as it can quickly become infected.