A cat with a broken tail can be the result of several things and solutions can be put in place to solve this problem. In this article I give you all the causes and the solutions to put in place if your cat experiences this problem.

Cat with a broken tail: The morphology of the tail

The cat’s tail is not a simple « accessory » outside its body, it is an extension of the spinal column which is made up of increasingly fine mobile vertebrae all along the tail. The tail is also made up of muscles, ligaments and nerves making it very sensitive and essential for the cat.

If the cat’s tail can move so easily, it is thanks to the muscles, ligaments and tendons that give it its mobility and sensitivity. The cat’s tail is vital to him in the wild as a domestic so that he can maintain his legendary balance.

It is also a way for cats to express their emotions, as you have not already seen thousands of times, because his tail moves very often when he is not sleeping.

What causes a tail injury?

Tail injuries are very often due to injuries, a bad fall, a bite (in the case of an open wound) or even a shock. Try to see where the injury came from and ask your vet about it during the visit to prevent it from happening again.

How do I know if my cat has a broken tail?

Several signs are clear indicators of a broken tail in cats, here are the main ones:

  • Tail curvature: Which is neither natural nor habitual and is a clear sign that the tail is broken. The tail here is not rounded but forms an angle, a clear sign of an anomaly.

  • Significant swelling: If the cat’s tail is swollen, it has probably suffered an injury. The same is true if she is hotter than the rest of her body. You may see a sore where the cat’s tail bends.

  • He has a wound with splitting of the skin: The wound is probably the cause of the cat’s broken tail. It’s much more likely if your cat has access to the outdoors.

  • He has trouble moving his tail: In the normal state, cats can use their tail wonderfully without any effort. If the tail movement is not smooth, this is also a sign that your cat has a problem with its tail.

  • He loses his balance: The tail being responsible for the balance of the cats, if he loses his balance, the problem usually comes from his tail. It is for this reason that he must not move too much until the problem is fixed because he could aggravate his injury.

What can I do myself?

If the veterinarian is essential, you will still have to put in place certain things to improve the life of your cat in the meantime. Start by making sure that he moves as little as possible, by preventing him from accessing the outside or certain rooms.

You can then reassure him by giving him a comfortable and healthy environment, and can also diffuse soothing pheromones so that he is completely serene and can better bear the pain.

Also observe the tail to have the maximum of details and do the same with the behavior of the cat to help the veterinarian when he asks you questions. The ideal is to film.

Only one solution: The veterinarian

Unfortunately, other than limiting the cat’s mobility to prevent a worsening of the cat’s symptoms, there is not much you can do and getting to the vet as soon as possible is vital. Depending on the location of the break, here is what it will do to fix the problem:

  • If the tail is broken at the end: In this case, the drugs prescribed by the veterinarian should be enough to solve the problem. Make sure your cat doesn’t move around too much to make the problem worse. Your vet may ask you to crate him for a while.

  • If the tail is broken in the middle: In this case, surgery may be done if there has been a lesion or section of the nerves. In the most extreme cases he may amputate to avoid future injuries. It is for this reason that it is necessary to go to see it as soon as possible.

  • If the tail is broken at the base: This section is vital for the cat and if nothing can be done at the medication level, surgery will be done to solve the problem and avoid endangering the cat’s life.

When will the tail be fully restored?

In less severe cases, the tail can snap back into place within a few days, especially if the cat’s tail twist is on the end. If it is located at the base, then expect a maximum of 6 months of waiting.

Often, the cat will have to wear a splint and sometimes stay in a cage for a while and he will have to take his pain patiently before a total recovery.

Cat with a broken tail: The final word

A cat with a broken tail should be taken to the vet to have the problem resolved as soon as possible. His tail is very important to him and an injury puts its validity at risk.