A cat that drinks a lot can do so for many reasons and it is essential to know your cat’s reason so that you can take the necessary measures if this habit persists.

Cat that drinks a lot: What is normal water consumption for a cat?

Cats do not drink a lot and they only need the equivalent of a cup a day to meet their needs. One drinks in small amounts throughout the day.

A cat consumes per day approximately 45ml per kilo of body weight per day, including the water which is in the food.

To calculate its consumption, use a measuring bowl to measure the water you put in the bowl and in the evening, take the water and pour it back in to see the difference and know how much water your cat is drinking.

Also be sure to weigh him as it is the water intake per body weight that counts to determine if he is drinking normally.

Also, make sure he can’t drink anywhere else for the test to be reliable, and make sure his food isn’t totally dry.

But then why does my cat drink a lot?

There are several reasons why your cat may be drinking a lot more than usual. We will see which ones are not dangerous for his health and then which ones may be linked to an illness.

For each cause, the solutions will be indicated to you so that you can resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Harmless Causes

Let’s start with what causes your cat to be more thirsty than normal.

The heat

And yes ! Cats, if they like the heat, need to drink more than normal when the summer heat arrives and to avoid dehydration, they will need to drink more.

When it’s hot, make sure he always has a bowl of fresh water at his disposal because if he likes to roll around in the sun, he will still lose fluids. You can also put a cooling mattress on it and leave it inside if the outside is really too hot, especially in the afternoon.

Finally, if you can, give him access to cool corners so that he can avoid heatstroke and do not put his health at risk.


If your cat is exercising, it’s a very good sign, but he will need to drink more to regulate his fluids and his temperature. A cat will need to drink more if it has access to the outdoors as it will naturally be more active.

There too, a bowl of fresh water must be provided to him and he must be able to last him the day if you are not there to fill it.


Lactating cats need to drink more because they lose a lot of liquids and therefore do what is necessary to restore their normal level.

Same fix!

Dry foods

A cat that eats a lot of dry food will inevitably have to drink more because this food dries them out since it does not contain the liquids of normal foods.

A dry-only cat will need to consume twice as much water to maintain their fluid levels, so try to vary their diet so they need less to drink. Remember that a cat should have 1/3 wet food in its diet, if it’s a hunter it might already be.


Sometimes your cat simply loves the touch of water, especially when it comes out of a fountain or tap. Because for cats, flowing water is much better than standing water, because it is the case in the wild and they retain their animal instincts.

If his water consumption becomes too problematic, prevent him from accessing these water sources, especially if he puts water everywhere while playing with it.

For social

We humans like to drink at the bar, and well for cats it’s a bit the same, they can get together to drink.

If your cat drinks to the point of peeing all day, separate water bowls between cats.

He wants attention

A cat had to ask you to drink so that you take care of him. Try keeping him busy with toys or cuddles if he’s bored. But if he abuses and behaves very capriciously, it is essential to ignore him so that he stops his behavior.

cat drinks a lot

Problematic cases

If your cat drinks a lot of water, it could also be for health-related reasons. Know that if your cat shows symptoms of weakness or illness, it is necessary to take him to the veterinarian.

For all the following cases, going to the veterinarian is essential.

Polyuria and polydipsia

Polyuria is when the urine is more abundant than normal while polydipsia represents the need to drink excessively .

The two are usually linked and you should take your cat to the vet if you suspect a health problem.

You may need to go to the laboratory to perform tests to calculate urine output and prescribe the correct treatment.

Other diseases

Other illnesses can cause your cat to drink a lot of water, such as liver failure or thyroid disease.

Here are the main diseases causing thirst in cats:

  • Kidney failure: This disease causes thirst, lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea and is very dangerous for older cats.

  • Diabetes: If a cat suffers from insulin resistance, the excess sugar in the blood can only be eliminated in urine and your dear feline will inevitably seek to drink a lot. This disease can put him in danger very quickly.

  • Feline Hyperthyroidism: This hormonal change occurs with age and increases the metabolism of the cat forcing it to drink more, usually diarrhea and vomiting accompany this problem.


If your cat is on medication, certain medications like corticosteroids and certain anti-inflammatories can force him to drink a lot.

Obese cats and kittens: Do not wait

If it is an obese kitten or cat that drinks too much water, do not wait before visiting the vet, these are two types of populations that are very fragile.

How do you know if he really drinks too much?

If you can’t do an accurate test, it can be difficult to accurately monitor how much water your cat is drinking, but some signs can alert you:

  • He will drink more often
  • He empties his bowl faster
  • He drinks in unusual places  : As in the soil of plants.

How do you know if he is really sick?

If his thirst cannot be explained, then watch for the following symptoms, which indicate a deeper illness:

  • He eats more or less than usual.
  • He is aggressive or apathetic
  • He sleeps in unusual places
  • He’s sick

What questions will the vet ask?

When visiting the veterinarian, he will ask you several questions among the following:

  • Since when is this the case?
  • Has his environment changed?
  • Is his behavior different?
  • Does he have a history?
  •  …..

Write down everything you can about your cat’s situation so you can help them as much as possible.

What will he do?

He will provide you with a treatment adapted to the problem after having auscultated it, and in rare cases he will ask for the examination of a laboratory.

My cat drinks a lot: Special cases

Many special cases concern cats that drink a lot, here are the main ones:

Cat drinking with its paw

A cat that does this does it to gauge the distance from where the water is and to imitate flowing water like in nature because it looks cooler and more appealing to them. This is also why they often play with water fountains and why they like to drink from them.

Cat drinking from the tap

Cats love flowing water and they may prefer to drink from the faucet rather than their bowl. It is linked to their wild nature which means that cats like to hydrate in streams rather than in lakes where the water is static and potentially less good.

Cat that drinks a lot and does not eat anymore

He is sick or digests something very badly. If he is no longer eating, it is probably because he is in pain or stressed, if he has just moved, for example .

Cat drinking heavily and diarrhea

There too, your cat is sick and puts his intestines to rest. Check all the same that its water is not stagnant.

Cat that drinks a lot and vomits

Your cat is sick, vomiting is always a bad sign. We have dedicated an article on cat vomiting that can help you find out more.

Cat that drinks a lot and urinates a little

There is a problem with your cat’s urinary system.

Cat drinking and urinating a lot

Here too the problem lies with the urinary system, perhaps an obstruction of the urethra or urinary stones.

Old cat who drinks a lot

It is also a sign of disease, an old cat is much more likely to catch diseases.

Cat that drinks a lot and loses weight

This too is a sign that your cat is sick. There are many reasons why your cat may eat less and lose weight.

Young cat drinking a lot

Your kitten is sick, take things in hand quickly because it is more fragile than in adulthood.

The final word

If your cat is drinking heavily, it’s probably for a normal cause, but in some cases it’s an illness that should lead to a visit to the vet.