If your cat is breathing fast because of the heat, then be very careful, because cats can only breathe through their nose and the heat is bound to make it more difficult for them to breathe, especially if they are allergic or have a flat nose, among other things, so here’s everything you need to know and how to act to solve the problem


Cat Breathing Fast From Heat: Why Is It Related?

Heat is naturally less good for breathing, and your cat may breathe less well because of it if he has a flat head, can breathe less well, has an allergy giving him asthma or simply naturally occurring asthma or that he has become out of breath while running in the heat, especially if he is fat or old.

What to do

Here’s everything you can do and when to do it if your cat is breathing fast from the heat.

Cool it down

It is a generic solution, you can for example give him access to the bathroom or put him near the air conditioning. It is preferable that he be as cool as possible, which will also be more pleasant for him, you can even give him a cooling mattress.

Give him respite

There too, it is a generic solution, the respicat will help him to breathe better in all circumstances so that he can stop breathing so quickly because of the heat. It is essential if your cat has a weak respiratory system, is asthmatic or suffers from obesity.

Leave it inside

If it’s a heat wave, letting your cat roam around is not a good idea, especially with his respiratory problems, because between the dry air and the fact that he can wander off, it could be dangerous for him. Prefer to keep it indoors, when it is afternoon.

Ensure healthy air

If, in addition to the heat, your cat smells of cigarettes or even household products, then he may have a lot of trouble breathing and you will need to give him the healthiest air possible. An air purifier is also a good solution.

Go to the vet

If you notice a problem, such as red eyes or a cold synonymous with allergies, or if your cat is lethargic, it is best to consult, especially if your cat is old. The veterinarian will be able to give you an appropriate treatment.

Cat who breathes quickly because of the heat: The word of the end

If your cat is breathing fast because of the heat, then make sure to put him in the best conditions, and if in doubt, take him to the vet. Breathing should never be taken lightly in cats, which can only breathe through their noses, especially flat-headed cats.