If your cat has white dandruff, it’s indicative of underlying issues that aren’t dangerous as long as it’s done in time. In this article, I explain to you why these dandruff are present, how to determine their causes and how to react to them.

Cat with white dandruff: The different causes

If your cat has white dandruff, several causes can be at the origin, here are the different sources of this problem. Once certain clues have been discovered on the cause of this presence, all you have to do is implement the right solutions.


Parasites, which themselves can be mistaken for dandruff except that they are mobile, can become embedded in your cat’s coat. You will be able to identify them and eliminate them by having them dewormed at the veterinarian.

For the rest, have your cat well dewormed to prevent the parasites from returning to the charge, because even a simple mosquito bite can bring with it a slew of flea larvae.

An allergy

Food allergies will often cause skin problems in cats, and if you’ve given them an unusual food, it may contain the allergen and so you’ll need to eliminate it or call the vet so they can accurately detect the allergen. what specific substance it is.


Transmissible between animals, scabies will be recognized by your cat’s redness and excessive scratching, dandruff is probably the first stage. If your cat is scratching, scabies is the number 1 suspect and if it is proven, only the veterinarian can treat your cat.

A lack of vitamins

If your cat is on an unbalanced diet, dandruff is completely normal, as her skin is not going through its usual renewal process and you will need to change your cat’s diet. For example, if he never eats his croquettes and only eats his mash, do not change it until he eats some.

You can add omega 3 fatty acids so that its diet is adapted to the problems of white dandruff in cats with fish oil or olive oil at the rate of 3 teaspoons per week. What should always be respected besides so much the advantages are large for the song of the cats.

The heat

Heat is bad for a cat’s skin, and if you’re in the middle of a heat wave, it’s normal for your feline to have white dandruff, so make sure he can cool off by humidifying the room or leaving him access to the cooler rooms or by installing a damp cloth or by using an air humidifier inside.


This disease is recognizable by its large red patches and only the veterinarian can provide you with the appropriate treatment to put an end to it. This bacterial infection is due to the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria in the skin.

Cat with white dandruff: The final word

If your cat has white dandruff, it is vital to find the cause of the problem. Once it has been identified, all you have to do is put in place the most appropriate solutions to help get rid of it.