A cat that is wheezing can suffer from several problems. In this article, I show you how to detect the precise cause and especially how to act to treat your cat.

Cat wheezing: The causes and their solutions

If your cat is wheezing, pay close attention to the causes below and put the right solutions in place.


Feline asthma is a common condition and just needs to be treated so it doesn’t bother your cat. In the meantime, you will need to provide him with the healthiest air possible, without bad smells such as cigarettes for example and which is temperate to make breathing easier for him.

Temperate air is also essential because too hot a temperature is not good for the cat’s respiratory system.

Finally, do not let him go out before he has received his treatment to avoid any risk that the effort or the distance he makes will cause him respiratory insufficiency and put his life in danger.

An allergy

An allergy can also lead to wheezing problems in cats. If your cat has red eyes or a runny nose, the allergy is very likely. It is one of the following 3 allergies:

  • Pollen  allergy: Present in spring and summer, an allergy to pollen will require treatment or desensitization. Generally, conjunctiva or rhinitis are associated with pollen allergy. If he has more symptoms when he has spent time outdoors, it is probably this allergy. You can check which pollen it is online .

  •  That to dust mites  : Allergy to dust mites also requires treatment and in the meantime, you can clean from top to bottom to eliminate as many dust mites as possible. Dust mites are present in bedding, curtains and furniture.

  • The one with the diet  : If the problem occurs after a dietary change, you know the culprit lies in the new diet. You will need to protect the cat from the allergenic substance. A veterinarian can help you define it precisely and adapt its diet, usually with special kibble.

A sickness

There are many illnesses that can cause asthma, and if your cat seems listless, then an illness is likely the cause of the problem. If your cat is old, it is probably a pathology. An illness should lead to a visit to the veterinarian because the problem can evolve and worsen.

How best to relieve it temporarily?

Before solving the problem or before going to the veterinarian, provide your cat with fresh air and use respicat to help him get as much breath as possible, especially if his breathing is noisy . Make sure he doesn’t run around either, especially if he’s young and hasn’t mastered his abilities. He must remain calm, which he will do if he is over a certain age.

Cat wheezing: The final word

If your cat has this type of breathing, make it easier for him and if necessary, go to the veterinarian for basic treatment. Remember that any respiratory problem should not be taken lightly, the cat can not breathe through the mouth.