A cat that vomits white may seem strange and disturbing but it is in fact gastric juices and the causes of this problem can come from several causes. In this article, I will guide you step by step so that you can understand why your cat is rejecting gastric juices and above all, how to react to stop the problem.

Cat vomiting white: The different causes and their solutions

A cat that rejects white vomit will do so in reaction to something specific, here is everything you need to know to recognize the causes and provide the right solutions.

Digestive irritation

Here, the problem is in the esophagus and will normally pass very quickly provided you put in place the right habits, you can act by putting in place the following habits:

  • Give it lukewarm water: Cats like cool water, but in this case, your cat won’t want it because of the pain it will cause. As long as the problem is not solved, it is vital to adapt your water intake to your problem. If he still refuses to drink, you can add salmon oil or chicken juice to whet his appetite.

  • Give him an adapted food: By adapted, I mean moist, lukewarm and soft to help the ingestion as much as possible. Dry foods such as kibble should be banned or moistened. Also, a problem with the esophagus can cause pain when your cat eats dry food.

  • Ensure moist air: Dry air will also not be good for him if he is too dry. If you are in a heat wave, giving him access to the garage or the bathroom is preferable. An air with cigarette smoke or irritant in general will only aggravate his illness and will cause even more episodes of vomiting.

To recognize digestive irritation, you can start by checking by opening his mouth for redness. It can itself come from several causes but generally, it is because your cat ate something which attacked it like catnip.

If you find any bleeding, then the vet should be consulted.


Intestinal parasites are a poison for your cat, which can ingest them in tall grass, by mosquito bite through prey…

These, when present in the cat’s stomach will sometimes cause him to vomit gastric juice and in this case it is vital that you go to the vet as the parasites absorb what your cat eats and swell up. multiply there until they kill it.

To avoid recurrences, make sure that he is dewormed .

To be sure that it is indeed a parasite, then pay close attention to its stools and the outline of its anus or small white dots will be the sign of their presence. Your cat may also lose weight and be much weaker.

While waiting for the visit, wash your hands and isolate your cat because some parasites are transmitted to humans and are dangerous for children.


There are many, many diseases that can cause your cat to vomit white, so if you notice any signs of weakness or symptoms of illness, go to the vet if nothing goes away quickly.

From gastritis to chronic intestinal problems and liver failure, there are many causes and older cats are more at risk of developing diseases. If your cat doesn’t heal quickly, or worse, if his condition worsens, take him to the vet so he can be treated.

An intoxication

Cats can poison themselves with many things: contaminated prey, household products, toxic plants or even a substance from cigarettes. If your cat sticks its nose everywhere, it is vital to stop it because it is not good for him, even if he should remember the lesson. Go to the vet if nothing happens or your cat is very young.

Poisoning can also come from poisoned prey if your cat hunts outside, for example a mouse poisoned by rat poison and which passes into your cat’s body when it eats the mouse.

A ball of fur

A stuck hairball can cause your cat to vomit from the irritation. So if your cat has this problem, you can get her a hairball remover paste that will help her get rid of the hairball. ditto in the event of a recurrence if the catnip is not enough in periods of heavy hair loss. Do not try to remove it yourself because it can be attached to an organ, go see the veterinarian if nothing helps.

Be careful when cleaning up vomit

If your cat vomits, don’t make the mistake of cleaning it up with bleach , which can drive it crazy, and instead use baking soda and warm water to keep it from throwing up again. Ideally, do not leave your cat on the couch or on the bed so that it does not soil it, or put protection on it.

Special cases

There are several special cases of cats vomiting white, here are the main ones and how to react to them.

Cat vomiting white and not eating

If your cat is vomiting white and not eating, it could be any of the reasons we’ve mentioned, so check out the different possibilities before taking action.

Cat vomiting white and diarrhea

In this case, diseases and worms are the possible causes of white vomiting in cats. You must ensure that your cat can be in the necessary comfort of recovery and go to the vet if nothing goes wrong.

Cat vomiting white and falling

In this case, your cat has a disease that affects your entire body, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian.

Cat vomiting white: The final word

A cat that vomits white gastric juice, to determine the cause of this rejection pay attention to all the clues that will allow you to make a precise idea and to act correctly. If everything is done on time and properly, your cat is in no danger.