If your cat is vomiting bile and not eating, then several conditions can lead to these problems. More precisely, 4 of them and which must be the subject of solutions to be put in place. Here’s everything you need to know.

Cat vomiting bile: The different causes and their solutions

The 4 causes that I am going to present to you are at the origin of the problem. Only one will probably be at fault for your cat. Here are the different causes with for each the solutions to put in place and how to recognize them.

He is intoxicated

Cats can poison themselves with animals they hunt or even household products. If your cat is coughing after going outside, eating or poking around where it shouldn’t, then it’s probably intoxicated.

Here, the only solution is to go see the veterinarian if nothing changes within 48 hours or if the situation is serious. He will give him what it takes to detoxify him.

There are parasites

Parasites are legion, fleas, ticks, worms and can affect your cat’s body in many ways, not sparing indoor cats. The parasites are often present in the cat’s stool and coat, in the form of white dots.

If you see any, go straight to the vet for deworming. If left unchecked, they will multiply in your cat’s body until they kill it, as they absorb everything your cat swallows.

Deworming the cat is essential to prevent the problem from recurring, especially if it is an outdoor cat.

He’s sick

If your cat shows signs of weakness or fatigue, he is probably sick. If nothing happens within 48 hours, the veterinarian is essential.

He is irritated

When opening its mouth, its throat may be red or swollen. You will then have to facilitate his water and food intake, everything must be warm, moist and easy to swallow otherwise he will refuse to eat because of the irritation. The problem usually goes away on its own.

But what is bile?

Bile is a secretion of the liver which is part of the digestion process, it can be rejected when the body is fasting and the body detects something abnormal, it reflects a defense mechanism when it is vomited by the cat .

How to help him eat?

If your cat no longer eats and is rejecting bile, then follow my modus operant, guaranteed effect:

  • Give him soft food: Hard food is bound to irritate his palate, so give him soft food, even liquid food, you can even start with fish oil or olive oil to start feed him slowly.

  • Stimulate his appetite: With brewer’s yeast or vitamin B12 which will whet his appetite. Diffusing soothing pheromones around his bowl will attract him there.

Cat that vomits bile and no longer eats: The final word

A cat that vomits bile and no longer eats must always be carefully monitored, this is what will allow you to find the cause, then you will only have to put in place the right solutions. .