Do you have a cat that vomits yellow and no longer eats? In fact, your cat is vomiting a liquid, called bile, which is essential in the assimilation of fats. What is abnormal, however, is that your cat vomits it.

And the fact that he does not eat does not bode well either, so in this article I will tell you why this happens and how to fix it.

Cat that vomits yellow and no longer eats: The causes and their solutions

There are several causes that cause these symptoms, with for each of the characteristics distinguishing the problem from the others that can make your cat vomit yellow and young, here are the different sources of the problem, with for each, the different solutions to put in place.

Toxic ingestion

Your cat may have swallowed toxic products, especially if he coughs at the same time . The sources can be numerous such as a contaminated mouse or bleach for example. If the problem persists for more than 48 hours, the only solution will be to go to the veterinarian for appropriate treatment. If your cat is in really bad shape, then be sure to contact the poison control center for advice on how to avoid the worst.

Also watch out for plants, which can also be toxic to your cat, and keep them out of his reach if you have any by placing a cat repellent on them.

Finally, be careful not to look too unhealthy, such as cigarette smoke, because cats are very sensitive and they can poison themselves with simple harmful odors, the same goes for some very aggressive household products.


Parasites are essentially fleas, worms and ticks and they can infect your cat in many ways, even an insect bite can be the cause. And these will multiply in your cat’s body until they kill it.

If your cat scratches itself or you see white dots in its coat or stool, go to the veterinarian for deworming and have it dewormed regularly to avoid any risk of recurrence, especially if it goes outside and in the tall grass, a veritable nest for parasites.

You can also give him an anti-parasitic shampoo or anti-parasitic tablets available in drugstores which are enough to solve the problem as long as the stage of the problem is not advanced.

He’s sick

The fact that your cat vomits yellow and does not eat may be linked to many diseases. If he seems weak or shows symptoms of illness, you absolutely must take him to the vet after 48 hours.

Old cats are often susceptible to various diseases, whether acute or chronic, the same goes for young cats, whose immune system is more fragile.

There are many chronic illnesses that cause these symptoms in cats, so it’s vital that you don’t waste time if your cat shows symptoms of weakness.

He is irritated

Esophageal irritation can also cause your cat to vomit bile and stop eating. It should disappear on its own, but in the meantime, make sure he can drink and eat easily, everything should be warm and easy to chew in addition to being moist enough not to aggravate the problem.

You can open his mouth to see if his throat is red or swollen, in which case a sore throat spray for cats will temporarily eliminate the problem, but it will have to be treated at the root if nothing goes through.

He has a hairball stuck

Your cat may also have a stuck hairball, in which case he may vomit hair, if you see any near his vomit, give him some cat malt to lubricate the area and make it easier to remove.

Also make sure your cat can purge itself afterwards by giving it some catnip. Frequent brushing is also strongly recommended and is not necessarily difficult to do, which will also solve the problem at the root and prevent the accumulation of hair in your body.

How to make him eat?

So that your cat can eat while waiting for the problem to be resolved, here are the good habits to put in place:

  • Direct it towards the bowl : By diffusing soothing pheromones there thanks to soothing sprays. The sense of smell of cats is very fine and yours can go to the bowl being attracted by this smell, it is the first step to make it eat.

  • Stimulate your appetite : Thanks to vitamin B12 or brewer’s yeast. Brewer’s yeast will be more effective because you can sprinkle it on his food and the smell will attract him. There are also liquid solutions to make your cat want to eat again.

  • Give him suitable food : That is to say soft and lukewarm so as not to attack his body and avoid any rejection. Ditto for the water which must exceptionally be lukewarm. You can also give him malt for cats which will allow him to have a more lubricated throat and esophagus, making it possible to avoid the vomiting of the cat.

  • Give him food he likes: Even exceptionally fish or meat. He won’t be able to resist it and it is a very healthy food for your cat, as long as it is not given raw or in excess. On the contrary, the kibbles are too aggressive and not attractive enough for cats in this specific situation.

Cat that vomits yellow and no longer eats: The word of the end

These two problems must be the subject of medical treatment if nothing progresses within 48 hours, for parasites, do not wait before consulting him or giving him a parapharmaceutical treatment because he will not be able to get rid of it. rid itself. As for the vomit, clean it well with products dedicated to cats, because household products can attack it and make it vomit again.