If your cat only comes in to eat, there may be several reasons, so in this article, I will explain the different reasons why he no longer comes in, how to recognize them, and above all how to react so that he can be more often at home.

Cat that only comes in to eat: The causes and their solutions

Your cat only comes home to eat for one of the following reasons, here is everything you need to know and especially how to react to solve this problem.

He goes to see other people

The first possibility is that he goes to neighbors, which he will do if you are not close enough to him. So if your cat is hanging out with neighbors, spend more time with them to show them that you are their home. It is important that he has everything he needs to feel at home with you, such as a cat tree, his personal space, calm, water changed every day, something to play and everything who can help him.

You can play with him for 10 to 15 minutes a day or even sleep with him so that he has a good time in your house and associates it with something positive. The more time you spend with him, the more he will be present in the household.

He goes to see other cats

If other cats are outside, he can spend time with them, so if your cat has this tendency, make sure to castrate him, which will prevent him from taking too many risks or fighting with other cats. other cats. Because if he is not neutered, he will fight more often with other cats for reproduction, and in general will take too many risks that can be fatal to him.

If your cat goes to see other house cats that’s fine, and with age he will lose this habit. Young cats like contact with other cats even if they are not relatives. Young kittens love to see other cats or other kittens when they have access to the outdoors.

He loves his outdoor environment

Trees, heat, grass, forest, fields… your cat has a perfect playground outside, especially when it’s hot, so if you still see him running around (and he doesn’t venture into dangerous places ), is that he likes his environment.

In winter, he will be more present indoors, and with age too, but if he is having fun outside, there is nothing serious. However, you can prepare a comfortable rest area for him to rest after a day outside, so that he gets used to resting there.

In summer, for example, he will like to perch in the trees , rub against the grass, run after prey in the fields or even frolic in the forest to cool off.

You can also put him something to do in the yard if you want to keep him close, for example, you can put him a cushion or something comfortable and something to play in the yard like an electric fish or a ball so that he can exert himself without straying too far.

He is afraid of something at home

If his environment is not calm, there is noise or another animal, it is normal for your cat to spend his life outside. So if your cat doesn’t have the conditions to stay indoors, change that.

A cat must have its own personal space, with its personal bowl, its personal litter box… Cats are territorial and do not share their space or they support themselves.

A cat must also have a healthy environment, free from the smell of cigarettes, household products or cooking, cats need healthy air and can even become intoxicated with certain substances such as toxic plants.

Finally, a cat should not be afraid of anything and if something scares him, you must either accustom him or remove what scares him.

He hunts

Cats love to hunt, which by the way is a disaster for diversity, so if your cat spends its time hunting, it will only come back to eat, if you see it hunting birds or small rodents, try to feed it with a food he likes before going out, he will be less likely to hunt and nature will thank you.

A simple way to know if he is hunting is to see if corpses are present in the surroundings, sometimes cats even bring back their prey when they are no longer hungry, which happens with rabbits for example, to show you that he loves you .

He is bored at home

If nothing stimulates him at home, he will go outside to have fun, for example, he needs a cat tree, interactive toys such as an electric cat fish for example and a sleeping area with a cat basket for example, the more items he likes, the more at home he will be.

Cat that only comes in to eat: The final word

A cat that only comes in to eat does so for a good reason. After finding it, all you have to do is put in place the right solutions so that it spends more time at home.