If your cat no longer eats and sleeps all the time, there is probably a health problem behind these attitudes, here is everything you need to know and especially how to react after recognizing the problem.

Cat that no longer eats and sleeps all the time: The causes and their solutions

There can be several things causing this problem, here’s everything that can cause it, how to recognize it, and how to act correctly to get your cat feeling good and healthy again.


Inflammation, when located in the throat, can cause its symptoms. First of all, he will spend his time sleeping because he will be too weak to do anything else, moreover, his throat will be too sensitive to eat without pain. It will be bright red in color, allowing you to pinpoint the problem.

In this case, make sure to feed your cat lukewarm food, as liquid as possible, and also give him lukewarm water. The more he likes the food, the more he will be able to eat. If nothing happens, a visit to the veterinarian will be essential.


Coryza can be prevented thanks to the vaccine, which will prevent a recurrence. But if your cat has already caught it, he will have breathing problems, which is very problematic because your cat can only breathe through his nose, and cats with flat noses are even more at risk.

Fevers, coughs, runny eyes, and sneezing indicate possible coryza, especially if your cat is having trouble breathing. If your cat has these symptoms, make his air as clean as possible, free of artificial or unpleasant odors, and arrange for him to see a vet quickly, especially if he’s a young kitten or an older cat, lower categories.

If your cat has coryza, isolate it from others as it is a highly contagious disease between felines.

An infection

The infection is quite similar to Coryza, without the breathing issues. If you have more than one cat, isolate the sick one and take it to the vet if the situation worsens or persists over time.

An infection will give him a fever and general signs of fatigue, so be careful that he can be in the best condition to heal.

The stress

A stressed cat will tend to spend its time sleeping and above all, it will refuse to eat. You have to find the cause of its very and remove it if it is legitimate. If a change has recently taken place in the household, your cat needs to adapt, such as a move or it will be necessary to recreate positive moments for him to get used to the place or if a newcomer has arrived, to which the also it will have to be tamed.

In the meantime, an anti-stress spray will allow him to be calmed down thanks to the odors he releases, cats being very sensitive to smell.


Pain is often hidden by cats, but there are certain signs that don’t lie, so if your cat purrs often, he’s probably hiding his pain. To see if a place is hurting, check if there are wounds and be sure to feel it to see if there is any internal damage, as this is also possible following a shock.

If your cat can’t move, you should take him to the veterinary emergency room to make sure he is not in danger, especially if he is suffering from internal bleeding.

A poisoning

Poisoning can occur via poisonous plants or prey to name the most common cases, so if your cat vomits or tries to vomit, contact the poison control center and follow the directions to cure it.

Certain medications

Finally, some medications can also have side effects that lead to this situation, if the instructions indicate them, you will need to change the treatment to ensure that your cat can live normally again.

What will the vet do?

The veterinarian will examine him and ask you questions that will allow him to establish a diagnosis and therefore a treatment. A scan or an MRI will sometimes be necessary.

Cat that no longer eats and sleeps all the time: The final word

If your cat knows its problems, you will have to go to the veterinarian if nothing evolves favorably, and in the meantime make sure that it can live as normally as possible and facilitate its diet with lukewarm, liquid food and that he likes.