If your cat bites while purring, he can do it for several reasons, here are the reasons why he does it and how to react to them in each case, and also how to recognize them to act well.

Cat biting while purring: the different causes

Your cat can chew while purring for different reasons, here is all you need to know.

He is very stimulated

If your cat is playing with you and suddenly bites you while purring, then there is a good chance that it is too much in the game, which is a reminder of how cats learn to hunt. If your cat bites you because of the stimulation, it will have dilated pupils and seem to want to continue playing.

In this case, do not punish him but slow down the game a little, ignoring him if necessary, he will be able to calm down before resuming the game and will understand that he must not bite if you stop the game every time. he does it.

You hurt her

If you hurt your cat then he will probably meow in addition to purring and put his ears back, go softer during play and look for a potential injury, there may be a spot in particular that hurts it, it can also be internal, which does not make it less dangerous.

He feels in danger

If your cat feels in danger, he will be on the defensive, so see what can do to him and reassure him if the danger is ever unfounded, a period of habituation may be necessary and in the event that your cat needs to adapt to a change, and if the fear is legitimate, remove the cause.

Finally, don’t forget that by spraying an anti-stress spray, your cat will naturally become calmer again, even if it does not cure the problem at the root, it is a solution with immediate effect.

He has a problem with his teeth

Your cat may also have a problem with his teeth, and in this case, purring will serve to mask his pain, purring having many functions. So, if your cat has dental problems, he will chew to relieve the pain.

Check the condition of his gums to see if they are bright red or on the contrary very pale , there may also be problems with dental bleeding. So if your cat has one of his problems, make sure he can have everything he needs to recover, from gum products to a visit to the dentist.

As long as he has this problem, give him food that will not hurt his teeth, i.e. moist and lukewarm and as for water, give him water too lukewarm.

Cat that bites while purring: The final word

If your cat chews while purring, there could be several problems at the origin, so recognize each one of them well so that you can act correctly to treat the problem at the root to stop these chewings for good.