If your cat chews to play, this behavior must be stopped, so make sure to put in place the right solutions to achieve this, because punishing it is not a solution.

Cat that bites to play: What to do?

If your cat has this behavior, here is all you can do:

Castrate him

Unneutered cats are much more aggressive, in addition to having a shorter life expectancy because of the risks they take. So if your cat is not neutered, this is the first lever on which to act and which is essential, whether it is an indoor or outdoor cat.

Indoors, he will be freed from his impulses, and outdoors, he will take less risk and will see his life expectancy extended by several years.

Make him understand

Make him understand without punishing him that he does not have a good attitude, by telling him a firm NO so that he can avoid doing it again and ignore him for a few minutes so that he understands that he has gone too far far.

In fact, you should have this behavior in general, such as when he climbs on the table or scratches the sofa , a minimum of authority is always recommended with young cats so that he learns all the good habits. .

Spray him with an anti-stress spray

Anti-stress sprays for cats can calm him down in seconds, by acting on his pheromones. In addition, it is a product that can calm him in many circumstances, such as during a car trip for example.

Use positive and negative associations

Cats can be trained this way. For example, when he is playing softly, reward him with something he likes and conversely ignore him if he chews while playing. And if he does it hard, you can isolate him in a room for a few minutes.

Give him something to blow off steam

Young cats have boundless energy, and play serves to hone their natural predatory instincts. Make sure he can exercise himself with, for example, a cat wheel or an electric fish.

Calm the game

Maybe you’re also playing too hard, so make sure to play more quietly, or use objects so he can bite them.

Look at his teeth

Maybe your cat has a problem with his teeth, then he will have red gums, in this case, go see a veterinarian if he ever has persistent problems at this level. And don’t forget that a weekly cat tooth sanitizer spray and regular toothbrushing with cat toothpaste is essential to avoid dental and general health problems.

Go see a behaviorist

If your cat is out of control and has been badly weaned, a behaviorist is recommended to stop bad habits. Cats adopted from shelters often need it.

Cat that bites to play: The final word

You know what you have to do to stop your cat from biting during play, it’s usually a simple behavior that young cats have.