If your cat bites all the time, there could be several reasons, here is why he does it and especially how to act to solve the problem quickly.

Cat that bites all the time: The causes and their solutions

If your cat bites all the time, several causes can explain it, here is each one of them, with the solutions to put in place and how to recognize them.

He is afraid

If your cat is frightened, he will show signs of aggression in general and he will start biting, among other things. If your cat is afraid, you have to find the cause, it is often a change. For example, if you have moved, you will have to get him used to it by recreating his personal corner and making it as attractive as possible.

If your cat is scared, it could also be a new animal that they will need to get them used to by going slowly and always watching them, especially if these two animals kill each other in the wild, so be sure to kind of keep an eye on them until they’re friendly with each other.

He is under pressure

More present in aggressive cats, this problem will occur while he releases his energy, especially if he is young. If he is not neutered, know that it is very advisable to make him happier indoors and to increase his life expectancy outdoors.

In addition, make sure he lets off steam on his toys, for example by taking him a fish or an electric mouse on which he can let off steam.

He is sick

Also check your cat’s teeth, if they are red or bleeding, then he has oral problems and you will need to take him to the vet if nothing goes away quickly. You can also brush his teeth with cat toothpaste regularly and apply an anti-tartar spray every week. Teeth problems eventually lead to lung and heart problems.

He is annoyed

If your cat is disturbed or his personal corner is in a restless or noisy environment, then he may get annoyed and chew to let off steam. Check that his environment is compatible with his needs.

How to calm him down immediately?

The first thing is to diffuse an anti-stress spray that will work on his nerves to calm him down in seconds. It will not treat the problem at the root but it can stop its behavior whenever you want, the product acting with the pheromones.

The second thing is to ignore him when he does so that he associates it with something negative and if he bites you all the time, lock him in a room for a few minutes to also create a positive association.

Cat that bites all the time: The final word

A cat that chews all the time has underlying issues so pay close attention to the root of the problem and deal with it properly.