Do you have a cat that bites its feet? This curious behavior is especially present in young cats but sometimes seems difficult to explain. Here are all the reasons why it does it and how to react to it.

Cat that bites its feet: The different causes and their solutions

If your cat bites your feet, here are the different causes, with for each what to put in place to correct this behavior and allow him to get what he wants, because there is always something behind this behavior .

He wants to play

Young cats love to play, if he seems to want to spend his energy at all costs, then he is looking for play and your feet are the perfect support, so make sure he can spend his energy with games like wheels for cats or even by playing directly with him so that he can channel his energy on something else.

Young cats have boundless energy and will often want to play, especially if they do not have access to the outdoors and will then need to have something to exercise themselves. The wheel for cat is ideal because it can be spent without limits but there are many games for cats.

He trains for hunting

Pupils dilated, ready to pounce and acting by surprise, your cat wants to practice hunting and uses your feet. Young cats are honing their natural predatory instincts, and you’ll need to direct them to something else, like a cat mouse or a food puzzle.

The food puzzle will have a double benefit, allowing him to eat slowly while expending his energy and to sharpen his natural hunting instinct.

In fact, young cats keep their natural instincts and will always be predators and will always train to capture prey to survive even if it is of no use to them.

He is bored

If your cat is bored, he will look for entertainment at all costs and you will have to make sure that he can occupy himself, for example by letting him go outside or by giving him enough attention. A second cat can also be a good alternative. And again, giving him toys to occupy himself will allow him to exercise.

If he has access to the outdoors he will attack prey and shouldn’t get bored, but give it a good month after adoption so he can go outside and come back.

He wants attention

When a cat wants something, he can start biting your or attacking your feet , especially if he is young and you then have two choices:

Giving in to his wishes, usually food or going out or else ignoring him to make him stop. No need to punish him, because he can’t understand that and you will lose his trust.

He wants affection

Your cat may also want cuddles, in which case giving her some affection will calm her down and stop nipping at your feet. Young kittens need it.

How to make him stop?

If your cat bites your feet, then do not punish him because your cat will not understand, rather prefer the following solutions which will not alter your relationship of trust:

  • Ignore it: By ignoring your cat, it understands that you don’t like it and will lose interest and move on to another activity. So don’t look at him or talk to him to make him stop.

  • Redirect his attention: By playing with him or stroking him, for example, you can also give him a treat so that he no longer has his head bitten.

  • Get him pumped up: With games and a food puzzle to get him pumped up enough.

Cat that bites its feet: The final word

If your cat bites your feet, there is nothing serious, it is even very common in young kittens, so you just need to know the cause to act directly and allow him to have his need satisfied.