Stress is a powerful creator of disease, whether physical or mental, and leads to functional disorders affecting the functioning of all organs. A stressed cat will be very susceptible to diseases and above all will see its life expectancy greatly reduced. So if you want a happy cat without an ounce of stress, here is all you need to put in place:

Cat stress : Provide him with an activity

The number one thing that causes stress in a cat is boredom, so if your cat is bored, make sure your cat can exercise, which will do the trick, it will eat better and exercise more physically. ensure a sufficiently low level of stress for his health.

So, apply my previous advice well and your cat will be able to have fun every day and enjoy moments that he will love and that will make him want to get up every day. A cat that exerts itself is a happy cat and even with age the activity is necessary for it even if the degree of effort must be adapted.

Again, it’s mostly indoor cats who need to exercise because outdoor cats will have much more stimulation to exercise.

His own territory

A cat is territorial by nature and should always have its own personal corner, with no animal scents other than its own. So make sure he has his corner with his bowl, his water, his litter (sufficiently far from food) and his cat tree or even other toys so that he can spend money there.

His corner must always be calm, clean and personal, otherwise he will be stressed there, choose a place without much traffic and with enough space for him. Avoid floors for old cats.

Basic needs properly covered

The bowl, for example, must be clean and washed with its chemical product which can poison it, you can for example wash it with baking soda which it will not reject and which is not a dangerous substance for it.

Then make sure that the litter has good quality granules, with 5 to 7 cm deep and that it is changed regularly, once a week, and every day for excrement, otherwise he will feel bad in it .

Finally, the water must be in a bowl as clean and washed every day so that it is healthy for your cat, otherwise your cat will ingest bacteria and parasites which will weaken its organism.

A good environment

Your cat must be in an environment that is good for him, that is to say calm, temperate and in which he feels good. It is vital that your cat can know that he is at home, otherwise he will be less calm and may have episodes of strong stress.

A cat tree is recommended because it will allow your cat to have a panoramic view, which they love in the wild because they can see all their surroundings easily.

The environment must also allow him to sleep undisturbed, cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day and often in light sleep to avoid any feline stress.

A relationship of trust

If your cat feels good with you, his stress level will be almost nil, he must see you as a member of his family and this relationship goes through several things.

First, by spending time together, playing, cuddling, or even sleeping together to let your cat know you love her.

You must also provide for him so that he sees you as his protector and affiliates you with a relative.

Next, don’t disturb him when he wants to be quiet, so he knows it’s safe to relax when you’re around.

Finally, never punish him physically , because punishing him will trigger a lot of stress in the cat, rather use a reward system when he does something good and an authority without violence when he does something stupid then ignore him or put him in a room for a few minutes to educate him without negative consequences on his psyche.

Manage what’s new

Cats hate change and it takes them 30 days to get used to a new home, for example. So if your cat experiences a change, always act gently and associate the novelty with something pleasant.

For example, if a newcomer is in the household, share good times with your cat so that he can tame him and not feel his territory threatened. For example, for a new partner, he can give him a food he loves and play with him so that your cat loves him.

For a new apartment, recreating the conditions of the old one is vital, with its elements and its personal corner, and spending a maximum of good times with it will also make it associate the novelty with something positive.

The positive association is essential for events that stress, such as when you wash it, I come to that in the next point.


Manage stressful events well

Certain events stress the cat very strongly, so if your cat is going through something difficult, make it as gradual and gentle as possible, in addition to linking it to something positive.

I’m going to take the example of the car here, if your cat has to take it, get it used to it gently, first by getting it into the car to eat, without moving it, then with short trips. Then, take short long trips and go gradually.

Then make the environment as reassuring as possible, for this same example, he must not be shaken during the journey and he must be able to look out the window.

Finally, reward him at the end with something he loves so he can associate the stressful event with something good, making the next few times easier.

Use pheromones

In times of extreme stress, make sure your cat can calm down instantly by using calming pheromones whether in the form of a spray or a collar.

Cat stress: The final word

If your cat is stressing out, then do everything you can to get him back to a calm and peaceful state of mind.