A cat that sneezes in the spring can have several causes. Each does not present anything serious but it is still essential to prevent the cat from sneezing in the spring. I tell you everything you need to know about these sneezes and how to stop them, treating the problem at the root.

Cat sneezing in the spring: The different causes

If you have a cat that sneezes in the spring, three causes can explain it: allergy to pollen, dry air and dust. Here is everything you need to know about these different causes, how to recognize them and how to react to them so that your cat no longer sneezes during the hay season.

A pollen allergy

This is the main cause because allergies in cats, very similar to the allergies we know. A pollen allergy can possibly be treated via cat homeopathy and you can go to a pharmacy to fix the problem and for allopathic treatment, the vet to prescribe what is needed.

An allergy is recognized by a runny nose or red eyes, depending on whether it is allergic conjunctivitis or allergic rhinitis. Your cat may also cry as her body seeks to flush pollen out of her body by producing histamine.

A dry air

In spring and summer, the air is drier and can irritate the nose of the cat which can then sneeze during these seasons. Basically, nothing can be done medically but it is not necessary either and it is therefore essential to provide him with fresh water and if the problem is really recurrent to take an air humidifier.

There are also natural solutions against too dry air such as depolluting plants, or impregnating clothes with water. If the air is too dry in your home, it can cause problems for everyone in the household.


Dust in the spring can also make your cat sneeze and it is therefore vital to spare him dusty environments as much as possible by cleaning his personal space regularly, and above all, if necessary, by putting an air purifier on him which will prevent the accumulation of dust in the air.

He caught a cold

In the spring, cats can be much more present outside because the temperature begins to be good, but if it is damp and cool, they can get sick. If yours looks weak then he is probably sick and if nothing clears within 48 hours and other symptoms appear then taking him to the vet is vital, especially if your cat is elderly or very young, because he will have a weaker immune system.

Cat sneezing in spring: The final word

If the allergy is the main cause, there may be several causes with different solutions for each one and it is therefore essential to detect it in order to implement the right solutions. It’s not a serious thing, but it’s very annoying for your cat.