You may have noticed that your cat looks at you slowly, blinking occasionally, but why does it do such a thing and what does it mean? In this article, I explain everything you need to know about this feline behavior.

Cat Slowly Blinking Looking at Me: The Different Meanings

Here are the different meanings of this feline phenomenon and above all, how to recognize them. We’ll also cover how to respond to it so your cat can know how you receive it.

He loves you

Slowly blinking his eyes, or even not folding them all the way, often shows that your cat trusts you because lowering his eyes in this way lowers his guard and only someone trusting can do that. to let your guard down and get into such a relaxed state.

Usually he does this when he’s sitting down and may purr when you look back at him, so keep him feeling comfortable and don’t stare at him for too long which he will find suspicious.

A gesture of thanks

If you’ve just fed or cuddled your cat, he may start to walk away and stop to give you that kind of look, it’s a sign of thanks on his part. Usually he will have his tail up and won’t stop for long, it’s like a kind of salute.

How to answer it?

You can mimic his behavior to show him that the relationship is reciprocal, which he will understand. Don’t stare at him too long so as not to put him on his guard and don’t scare him with noisy activity so as not to ruin everything.

A natural state in the wild

Cats make these kinds of signs to each other in their natural state to show their confidence, which they reproduce with you in the domestic state. Cats often have very different ways of communicating with each other than we do with each other, being much more diversified in their way of communicating (urine, eyes, purring, etc.) and using less meowing, which is mainly used to claim something and express pain.

Why is it so simple a gesture not easy for a cat to do?

Your cat still retains the reflexes it has in the wild and even in the domestic state, it will always be on its guard to anticipate danger. It is for this reason that he jumps at the slightest noise and can run away when there is agitation. Letting your guard down by gently blinking your eyes to show affection is therefore a great sign of affection.

Slow Blinking Cat: The Last Word

The very slow blinking of the feline eyes is always a very good sign and reflects the respect and appreciation your cat has for you. It’s always a good thing and proof that your cat feels good with you.