Cats sleep in many positions but none are chosen at random and they are all indicative of several things. So to know the meaning of the cat’s sleeping positions, stay with me, I’ll explain everything to you in this complete and detailed article.

Cat Sleeping Positions: The Different Meanings

Each sleeping position of a cat is indicative of the state of mind of the cat or its health in general; Here are the main sleeping positions of the cat with for each the different meanings.

Depending on your cat’s sleeping position, you will be able to tell if he is in a good state of mind or if several things need to be put in place to make him feel completely safe with you.

He sleeps in a ball

This sleeping position is indicative of discomfort, usually cold and sometimes illness or a feeling of insecurity. By sleeping like this, the cat protects its organs. If your cat sleeps in this position, find the cause of the problem and fix it so that he can sleep completely comfortable.

Remember that his environment must be calm so that he can sleep feeling safe and that his body temperature is 38 degrees, making him more sensitive to the cold. If it’s cold, then a cat bed will allow him to sleep without having cold paws and stomach which are much more sensitive to low temperatures.

Also be aware that if your cat is disturbed when he sleeps, he will not expose his organs because he will not feel safe enough to be able to sleep without being disturbed. Hence the need to offer him a corner where he can sleep undisturbed and where he can sleep normally. A cat tree is perfect because they feel much more secure up high.

This sleeping position is not ideal because it forces the muscles to stay tense and does not allow you to get a deep sleep.

He sleeps curled up exposing his neck

In this case, he is probably cold but exposes his neck because he feels safe and healthy, he can wait for petting or just put himself in this position to get some level of comfort.

Overall, this sleeping position is due to the cold causing him to curl up when he sleeps , if he sticks his neck out, then there is no doubt that he feels completely safe.

He sleeps on his back

A cat sleeping on its back is a very good sign, it feels completely safe and is not afraid of exposing its organs. If your cat sleeps in this sleeping position, it means that it has complete confidence in you and in its environment.

You may see cats sleeping on their backs in hot weather, trying to make the most of the sun’s rays, and when they’ve just had a good time, such as after they’ve played. Even on hard floors, cats can sleep on their backs when they feel really good.

This position is ideal for the cat’s joints, headaches and for optimal blood circulation. Old cats love to sleep this way because this sleeping position preserves them.

He sleeps in a box

Cats like to sleep in boxes because they allow them to feel protected and retain heat better. For cardboard boxes, they also have the smell of wood that they love and they can stay there for hours.

Cardboard boxes are also more comfortable and allow you to sleep in comfort and your cat is then in a sensory and olfactory paradise, in addition to feeling completely safe in this box.

He sleeps like a sphynx

Cats that sleep with their legs folded under their stomachs and their tails wrapped around their bodies are in light sleep, usually during the day, which allows them to quickly be able to flee in case of danger, it is a vital reflex in the wild. and that they keep often.

This feline sleeping position is quite similar to the ball sleeping position except that the tail is out, and sleeping in this position is therefore not ideal for her body and her sleep.

He sleeps on his side

A cat that sleeps on its side is completely relaxed and is the favorite sleeping position of many cats who love to sleep in this position, especially in hot weather. This too is a sign that he feels safe because he exposes his organs.

Again, this sleeping position is good for him, allowing him not to strain his muscles, joints and spine.

He sleeps on me

It is a sign of total trust in you and is very positive. Kittens often get into the habit of sleeping on their mistress when they feel loved. Old cats will have less of this tendency because behavior changes with age.

It is also sometimes because you are acting as a radiator as your body offers warmth. In the wild, cats sleep in packs for the security and warmth the group provides.

He sleeps sitting

If your cat sleeps sitting up, he is a light sleeper, which is the case most of the day because cats only sleep soundly at night because they need a lot of sleep friends also to be alert, and sleeping sitting up allows them to always be able to flee or fight in the event of predators.

This sleeping position is classic for cats who often use it in light sleep and can also sleep everywhere in this position.

Meaning of sleeping positions: The final word

A cat’s sleeping position says a lot about its state of mind and some reveal certain issues that need to be addressed. With all its elements, you can know if your cat feels confident and safe with you.