Does your cat sleep with its head against the cushion? It does this for a number of reasons, so if your cat puts its head on the pillow or cushion, here’s everything you need to know to understand this cat habit.

Cat sleeping with its head against the cushion: The different causes

If your cat sleeps with his head against his cushion or yours, he can do so for several reasons, I will explain everything to you right away:

He imitates you

If your cat is still very young, he takes his example from you for several things, including sleep, so he will reproduce the way you sleep because he takes you as an example. Before weaning, kittens always take their mother’s example, you take over after weaning the kitten, when it arrives in your home.

If he tends to imitate you in everyday life, take the opportunity to teach him as many good things as possible, such as the use of the litter box or the things that should not be done. a period when his brain absorbs everything, you might as well take advantage of it.

He is hot

The pillow or cushion can be hot and cats like heat, moreover, their body temperature is 38 degrees against 37 degrees for us. So if you were on it, he will take advantage of it for his warmth, especially if it’s winter, summer, a warm support will interest him less.

If your cat often seeks a spot of warmth, make sure it can get warm enough, by going under the sheets for example.

He smells like you

The cat has a very developed sense of smell and your smell can reassure him and make him feel at home. So if your cat smells the pillow before landing on it, it’s obvious that he likes your smell. It is also for their smell that cats throw themselves on things that are totally common to us, such as bleach or cardboard boxes . Smell is the first sense of the cat.

It’s comfortable

Often cats sleep in the bed for comfort, so imagine a cushion, your cat will love how comfortable it is when sleeping on it. If your cat is addicted to a cushion because it is the only object that allows him to obtain comfort, then take him one and put it in his corner, he will love it.

He marks his territory

By sleeping on the cushion, your cat is marking its territory, so if your cat chooses to sleep on it and rubs or kneads it, it is marking its territory. If a new animal or a new person has arrived in the household, it is likely to do so, the same if it is neutered, becoming much more territorial.

My cat sleeps with its head against the cushion: The final word

Cats like to sleep with their head against the cushion, and for different reasons, so if you want to know why your cat is doing it, pay close attention to the context in which your cat is doing it.