Cats have many sleeping positions, on their back, chicken, ball, but each of them is not chosen at random and responds to several things. So why does a cat sleep in a ball? I explain everything in this article.

For each cause, I will also explain if things need to be put in place, because this position is sometimes a sign of a problem. Here’s everything you need to know if you have a cat that adopts this sleeping position for naps or deep sleep.

Cat sleeping in a ball: The different causes

If your cat is sleeping in a ball, it is for one of the following reasons. For each, here is how to know the cause and especially how to act in the event of a problem.

He seeks warmth

This sleeping position allows the cat to retain heat, because it escapes through the cat’s paws, as for us, the cat loses heat through its extremities. So if you see him sleeping in this position in autumn or winter without heating, don’t ask yourself any more questions, he is fighting against the cold.

Typically, his tail will be tucked up and his head bent over his neck to really trap all the heat his body gives off.

Cats hate the cold, try leaving a heater on when you’re not around so they can warm up. He will be able to approach it and sleep without suffering the cold. Remember that their body heat is naturally higher, around 38 degrees , and he’s naturally colder than the rest of us.

To ensure his safety

This sleeping position provides double security for the cat while it sleeps. First of all, he retains his state of animal that lives in the wild even in your home and this position, in nature, allows him to quickly escape when he wakes up in case of danger.

In addition, your cat will be able to protect its organs in this position in this sleeping position in the event of a nocturnal attack. But know that when he feels full of confidence, he will no longer sleep while protecting himself in this way.

All you need to do is not disturb him when he sleeps and he will eventually be completely confident when he sleeps and choose a more relaxed sleeping position.

To sleep in a confined space

Cats don’t like small spaces but sometimes they still nap in their cat tree and sleeping in a ball is clearly the most convenient position to sleep in, providing both stability and the ability to sleep in a confined space. Ditto for the boxes , which they love and in which they can sleep in a ball.

If he does it in his basket, it’s because it’s too small, and he’ll have to get him a larger model so he can sleep in it comfortably and without putting his muscles to work while he sleeps.

Is this a good sleeping position?

Not all sleep positions are equal, for example, for us, sleeping on your stomach is not the best position, especially for breathing, unlike the ideal fetal position.

For cats sleeping in a ball keeps their muscles contracted instead of resting them, during short naps this is not too bad as it is shallow sleep, but for deep sleep which occurs during the night , this is clearly not ideal.

What promotes this way of sleeping

Originally, cats use this sleeping position in nature to avoid any risk, and do so in dug earth or tall grass. It is therefore basically a totally normal and natural reflex for cats and which is not extravagant.

If you adopted your cat from a shelter, they’ll probably have had a difficult past and will have a hard time trusting you, so make sure they feel as safe as possible. The more difficult the past of the cat, the more the fact of choosing to sleep in a ball will be preferred to him.

How do I get him to change position?

If your cat is sleeping in a ball, then do not force his hand, you risk damaging your relationship because he will no longer trust you.

The first thing is to reassure him by giving him as much affection as possible, especially if his past has been painful. The more he feels at home, the better he will choose his sleeping positions, such as the position on his back, the one that shows absolute confidence in you.

Then, do not disturb him when he sleeps and make sure he is not disturbed by noise so that he too can sleep in complete confidence of his environment.

His sleeping area should be for him alone, cats are very territorial, so make sure he has his own private area with only his scent when he sleeps.

Finally, provide him with the essentials, comfort and warmth so that he can sleep without having to conserve his body heat. You can even lay out a blanket for him to slip under.

Are certain breeds predisposed?

In itself, no, there is no particular difference from one cat to another, but however, some cats will not necessarily have the same needs as others, which can cause them to sleep this way. way.

For example, Maine Coons are bigger, so perched on their cat tree, it will be the only solution available to them. For the Siamese, the heat will have to be improved because they do not have very thick coats to act against the cold.

Cat sleeping in a ball: The final word

Having a cat sleeping in a ball is not a big deal in itself but ideally they should sleep through deep sleep at night in a more relaxed position, so make sure they are comfortable and feel safe to that he can sleep in a better sleeping position.