If you have a cat that rubs its legs, it does it for a specific reason, in this article we will show you why it does it, how to recognize this cause and above all how to manage to react correctly according to the situation.

Cat rubbing its legs: the different causes

If your cat is rubbing your legs, here are all the reasons why he is doing it, in a few moments you will know absolutely everything about this feline behavior and what to do in the presence of such behavior.

Mark your territory

Cats are territorial animals, they must also have their personal space from their bowl to their bowl, and in the wild, cats urinate to mark their territory and show others that they should not approach.

By rubbing against your legs, the cat marks its territory with its pheromones, the other animals will know that you belong to it in some way. If you have a new animal or a new partner, it is very likely that your cat will mark its territory.

He can do it with his head or his belly but the legs can also be used, hence the fact that he often kneads certain objects.

Possessive cats are the most prone to this type of behavior and you just need to see in what context the cat’s rubbing happens, for example, if it’s when you come home and it does it without wanting to play or eat afterwards. , he does it well to mark you with his scent.

He loves you

Your cat may also do this to show you that he loves you in his own way. In this case, he will purr and look at you while blinking gently, a sign that he likes you , it is a way for him to communicate this to you .

He can also bring you an offering before doing so, especially if he has access to the outside and can hunt, bringing you a rabbit or a bird. It’s a way for you to show your appreciation.

You can reward him with hugs, to show him that your relationship is reciprocal and also play with him. Finally, blinking gently at your cat will also show him that you love him.

He feels safe

Your cat can also show you that he feels safe with you, he will then put himself in safety by putting himself on his back for example, which he only does when he is sure that no threat cannot be reached. his organs.

If he shows his vulnerability by rubbing against you, it’s to show you that he trusts you, so don’t touch his stomach so you don’t lose it, he doesn’t want you to touch him there.

He wants something

And yes, very often, it’s a seductive parade to get something, such as food or a game, in the first case, your cat will approach its bowl and meow. And if he wants to play, he will show his paws to encourage you to play, even if it means biting your feet or legs.

There are two solutions, give him reason, with the advantage that he gets what he wants, but at the risk that he becomes capricious and spends his time bothering you for his desires. It’s up to you to see according to his behavior.

The second is simply to ignore it, rather advisable in case your cat picks up bad habits, like scratching at the door at night for example.

He is stressed

If your cat has dilated pupils and is very aggressive, she is stressed, perhaps by something new or something legitimate. Cats need time to adapt to change and for this anti-stress sprays are essential for an immediate effect.

But to deal with the root problem you have to get him used to change. If you have changed apartments, then your cat must be able to spend good times there and find his personal corner.

If your cat is stressed by a new animal, you must get them used to each other by remaining vigilant, especially if it is a natural prey or predator of the cat in the wild. Here too, soothing sprays can create favorable ground by acting on your cat’s mood.

For cohabitation with a new animal, go really little by little, by making them smell their respective scent, like on a piece of fabric for example so that they begin to tame each other, then have them meet and play together treating them equally.

Special cases

3 special cases often come up, meowing, purring and the question of wild cats who also have this behavior. Here’s everything you need to know.

If he meows at the same time

Cats that meow when they rub are expecting something from you, it’s usually food, because for the game, they will rather fidget to convince you to play with them.

If he purrs

A cat that purrs by rubbing against you shows that he loves you, purring is used for many things , but especially to show you that he is happy, it is a way of communication in cats.

If it’s a wildcat

Yes, sometimes some feral cats will do the same, they may do it for the same reasons as domestic cats but often they will mark their territory for you to feed them and not other feral cats.

Cat rubbing its legs: The final word

A cat that rubs your legs does so for many reasons, now you know the one for why your cat loves your legs so much. In most cases, the reason is very positive and shows your cat’s happiness by your side.