If your cat is rubbing in your face, it can do so for several reasons, so in this article, find out why it does it, how to recognize the cause, and especially how to react to it.

Cat rubbing its face: the different causes

Your cat can rub on your face for different reasons, because if your cat rubs in this way and simply due to the resulting deposit of pheromones, it is a way for the cat to deposit its scent, for several reasons. Here are all the causes that can lead your cat to rub in your face and how to react to it.

He loves you

This is the main reason, and usually he will rub his head against your face and purr and want cuddles. So return his affection and you may even blink gently at him, it’s a sign of affection in cats.

It is this cause in the vast majority of cases, and especially in young cats when they understand that you are part of their family. If you had a good time with him just before, he will also be more likely to do so.

He marks his territory

If you have just welcomed a new animal into the home, your cat marks its territory by depositing its pheromones on you, in parallel, it will also mark its territory on the furniture and the various things that it likes in your house.

By marking his territory, your cat’s behavior is not necessarily normal because he needs to know that he is at home and that you will always be with him. So if your cat is marking his territory, first make sure he can feel good by spreading calming pheromones and playing with him to reassure him.

You should also know that an uncastrated cat will be much more territorial than a neutered cat and that it will have a much longer life expectancy, especially if it lives outside.

He wants something

If your cat is hungry or wants to play, he can rub your legs or your face to convince you, he will often meow at the same time to get what he wants. Here, you can first of all give him what he wants, at the risk that he becomes capricious, or refuse him to teach him not to do it anymore, at the risk that he abandons you a little.

If your cat has a tendency to tantrums, like scratching at the door at night for food, then refuse, otherwise her behavior will get worse and worse, but your cat needs to get her way if her behavior is good.

Cat rubbing in the face: The final word

If your cat is rubbing your face, it’s most likely a sign of affection, but be careful that it’s not a territorial cause.