If your cat is rubbing on the floor, there may be several reasons for this, so here are the main reasons your cat has for doing this, how to recognize the precise cause and above all how to react according to the cause of the problem.

Cat rubbing on the floor: The causes and their solutions

Here are all the reasons why cats rub themselves on the floor, pay close attention to the details, they are of great importance in finding the causes. We will then detail all the solutions to be implemented for each problem.

He marks his territory

If your cat marks its territory, it will do it to show other animals that it is at home, cats being very territorial, but if your cat marks its territory, it will do it in specific places and can also stand to urinate, although he will mostly use his body pheromones by rubbing himself indoors. If a newcomer is in the household, then it is normal for them to do so.

If you want to put an end to it, already know that having it castrated or sterilized will be essential to make it less territorial and less aggressive, especially since having it castrated will increase its life expectancy if it has access to outside.

He is in heat

A female cat in heat will rub herself on the ground to deposit her scent and attract males to her. In this case, she will be aggressive and meow, especially during the night. In this case, you can use a soothing spray that will play on his mood and better manage periods of heat.

He needs to play

A cat that needs to play will rub but it will often knead as well and will often be very active trying to stimulate itself as best it can, young cats do this much more than adults and they will often meow looking at you asking to play with them.

You can play with him or give him an electric fish if you don’t have time to play with him, he can spend his energy, which will prevent him from bothering you during the night because of his excess energy.

He gets refreshed

In this case, he will lie on his stomach or on his side to evacuate as much heat as possible, so if it is hot, give a cooling blanket to your cat who can take the opportunity to cool off. Cats like the heat but when it becomes scorching, they don’t like it and will seek out a cool place like the garage or the bathroom.

He ate too much catnip

Catnip can have euphoric effects if eaten too much, so if this is the case, limit the amounts or change it so that your cat can take it without suffering the euphoric effect. It is important that it purges, so do not change the amounts.

He wants to get your attention

A cat can get your attention by rubbing itself on the floor right in front of you, especially when it wants cuddles. He will look at you purring while doing it, the younger he is, the more he will want it. So cuddle him so he can feel good.

He brushes

For the less accessible areas and which require maintenance at the level of the hairs, the cat can brush them by putting itself on the ground. Check his coat and brush him if necessary, to prevent him from rubbing all the time to remove them.

He’s itchy

If your cat is scratching while rubbing it may have fleas or worms, so check its coat for small white dots, if you see any give it a flea or tick shampoo or have it a deworming for him save his pests and make him deworm well in the future.

Cat rubbing on the floor: The final word

If your cat is rubbing on the floor, check out the cause and act thoroughly if it is a problem related to his physical or mental health.