If you have a cat that rubs against you, it can do so for several reasons, so without further ado here are all the reasons why it does it, how to recognize them and how to act according to the problem.

Cat rubbing against me: The different causes and their solutions

If your cat is in the habit of doing this, here’s everything you need to know about the various causes behind it. For all causes we will review everything you need to know to act correctly if an action is necessary.

He marks his territory

Cats are territorial, for example they do not share their personal corner, but in addition to that, they can also mark it, by urinating for example, when they are outside, but also inside with more subtle means, like rubbing his legs for example, to spread his pheromones there and mark you as his, he will often do it with a long repetitive rubbing.

If you have an uncastrated cat, it will be much more territorial and it is advisable to castrate it to extend its life expectancy. An unspayed cat can also have this tendency to rub, but usually at floor level.

He loves you

If your cat rubs against you by purring and softly blinking, it shows you its affection, you can return the wink or even pet it to reciprocate. The slow blinking of cats is often a way of communicating their affection, they often do this by purring, which also allows them to express their emotions.

He wants to feel safe

If your cat feels insecure, then he can rub up against you to reassure himself, if he shows signs of fear or aggression or if there has just been a change in your environment then the Cat rubbing is due to fear.

Cats are often afraid of change and they will need time to adapt, which you can shorten by using anti-stress sprays or playing with them. If the cause of his fear is valid, then make sure to remove it.

He wants something

Often, it’s about food, but he can also want to play, he will then meow and give you signs of what he wants, by approaching the bowl for example or by scratching you to initiate the game. Younger cats are more prone to this behavior, and those who always succeed.

Cat rubbing against me: The final word

The cat can rub against you for many reasons, they are often affective but can also concern a problem related to fear, in which case you will have to reassure your cat and act at the root if the fear is justified.