Does your cat rub against furniture? in this article, we explain why he does it and especially how to react if he ever does it for a particular reason. You will also be able to recognize the cause thanks to certain elements that we are going to detail for you.

Cat rubbing against furniture: The different causes

If your cat has such a behavior, here are the different causes, with for each of the elements so that you can determine it and how to react to it.

He marks his territory

And yes, cats are very territorial animals, they need to have their own litter box and their own bowls and some cats mark their territory, especially those who are not neutered, being naturally more aggressive.

If your cat rubs against furniture following a move or a newcomer, look no further and make sure your cat is reassured of this change by spending time with him and spreading an anti-stress spray .

Don’t forget either that castration is recommended even if your cat has access to the outside because it will take much less risk and will be better able to measure the danger. Indoors, you will free him from his impulses.

He communicates with other cats

Cats can also communicate with each other via the pheromones they deposit when rubbing against furniture, it is a way of recognizing themselves as part of the pack. Cats’ sense of smell is their first sense and they often use it to communicate with each other.

If you have several cats and they get along well, or if your cat rubs against furniture that you touch often, then he is trying to deposit his scent at the level of other scents. Cats that rub against furniture to communicate often do so with their heads and sometimes purring.

He is stressed

A stressed cat will recognize itself by a reaction either of fear or of violence, and also, if its environment has changed or something scares it, the feline rubbing against the furniture most likely comes from something that scares it.

If it’s a newcomer, animal or human, then you can get it used to it by spending some time with them and spreading calming pheromones so it can feel good about it. Always go there as you go, especially if it’s a new dog or a rabbit , respectively predator and prey of the cat in the wild.

If the fear is legitimate, it will have to be treated at the base by removing it from your cat’s life. Cats sometimes have very irrational fears, like the one about cucumbers.

Cat rubbing against furniture: The final word

If your cat is rubbing against furniture, clearly identify the cause so that you can act correctly, especially if your cat is stressed. It is essential to be able to deal with the problem at the source.