A cat that has rapid breathing and an open mouth should be worrying because your cat is having difficulty breathing and it could be in danger if its breathing becomes insufficient. Here is how to deal with this problem:

Cat with fast breathing and open mouth: The causes

Several causes can create this problem, here is each one of them and how to spot them to be able to act quickly.

He is hurt

A cat with a nose injury may have trouble breathing, if he has blood around his nose, a sore, or he is sneezing blood, he probably has a nose injury that requires emergency veterinary care to prevent it from getting worse. and a nose infection.

If he has trouble moving or is in pain when you touch him, tell the emergency vet to come because he is in no condition to move. Otherwise, wrap it in a towel and go extra-gentle when putting it in the car.

He’s sick

Your cat may, for example, have a stuffy nose or have asthma or rhinitis due to an allergy such as pollen. If your cat has a runny nose, clean his nose with saline for cats, and if nothing changes quickly, take him to the vet.

Leave it inside until it has healed because it is very risky to walk around outside with breathing problems, especially if it is an element present in nature that makes it happy. difficult breathing.

He is intoxicated

From certain plants that are toxic to him to a prey that was contaminated, the range of possible sources of intoxication of your cat are numerous, so make sure to keep the air as fresh as possible, away from allergens and sources of airflow obstructions, especially if his breathing is heavy.

He stresses

If your cat has dilated pupils, sticks out its claws and seems to be defensive, stress may be the cause of the problem. Keep a close eye on the conditions under which stress arises and make sure to eliminate it or put it aside, a cat should not be put in full stress.

In the meantime, you can diffuse calming pheromones to quickly calm him down and return his breathing to normal.

His personal space must always be calm, clean and personal so that he feels good there. I mean by cat’s corner its bowl, its water bowl or its water fountain and its litter box and possibly its cat tree.

He has heatstroke

After being outside during a heat wave, for example, he may lack air and need to drink quickly. If the heat makes him suffer in terms of breathing, especially if he is a cat with a flat nose, it is vital not to let him go out when the heat is very strong and to keep him in the coolest possible environment.

Ideally an air conditioner can help him breathe normally and no longer through his stomach, failing which, the garage or the bathroom can put him in cooler air.

He has an object stuck

Try to see if he has something stuck in his nostrils or mouth, if the object isn’t blocking breathing and is deeply embedded, then let the vet remove it so he can do this without making the injury worse.

If the object puts his life in danger, try to remove it but go very slowly. For example, you can dislodge it just a little to leave one nostril free to avoid any risk. Then disinfect well to avoid further problems.

Solutions before visiting the vet

Before going to the veterinarian if necessary, provide the cat with clean air and you can if possible use the respicat to relieve it while waiting for the visit.

What will the vet do?

The veterinarian will already start by auscultating it but can also carry out other more in-depth examinations if necessary. For example an MRI or X-rays, if the problem cannot be detected by a simple diagnosis.

Cat with fast breathing and open mouth: The final word

Any respiratory problem should be addressed urgently and if you have the slightest doubt, take him to the vet. If your cat is old or very young, I advise you to get there as soon as possible because his body is more fragile.