Your cat pees on your daughter’s bed, he probably does it for the smell of your daughter and the softness and warmth of the place. However, this is not a normal thing for cats. So here’s why he does it and especially how to react depending on the problem that your cat has.

My cat pees on my daughter’s bed: The causes and their solutions

Pay attention to the following causes, we explain how to recognize them and how to act to treat the problem at the root.

The stress

If your cat is afraid of something, like a new pet or a new home, then you’ll need to get him used to it by taking it easy and reassuring him as much as possible. For the case of a new animal, accustom them gradually by spending time playing with them, if in the wild they can kill themselves, be very careful.

A litter problem

The litter can also be a problem , so make sure to fill it with sufficient quality pellets, clean it without aggressive products, wash it regularly and put it in a quiet corner and without sharing it with another animal. . Make him also understand that he must use it by making him scratch the litter.

A health problem

If your cat is old or seems weakened to you, then he probably has a problem controlling his bladder and you will need to take him to the vet so that he can receive basic treatment, as diseases of this type can be dangerous or even dangerous. deadly, such as kidney failure.

How to act immediately?

There are several solutions to make it stop immediately and save you the chore of cleaning, here is how to act:


The first sense of the cat is the sense of smell, it is very sensitive to certain smells, and the repellents make it possible to disgust it without disgusting you and that will keep it away from your daughter’s bed for long hours.

Diapers for cats

Diapers, especially in case of illness, are essential so that he does not soil the bed, take reusable, effective, inexpensive models that you can put on him again if necessary. If he’s an old cat, he may have other such problems as he ages.

The mattress protector

Mattresses are difficult to clean, so be sure to protect it just in case with a mattress protector. It will also be less comfortable for your cat and it can deter him from doing his business.

My cat pees on my daughter’s bed: The final word

As you have seen, you can act immediately and ensure that your cat no longer urinates on the bed, but always ensure that your cat can have their problem addressed at the root.