A cat peeing pink is actually urinating blood. In this article, I describe the causes of the problem and above all how to solve it by understanding where your cat’s problem comes from.

Cat peeing pink: The causes and their solutions

If your cat urinates pink, it comes from one of the following causes, for each one pay close attention to the different symptoms to be able to recognize it:

Feline idiopathic cystine

The most common cause, it comes from an inflammation of the bladder and mainly affects young cats. If he suffers it, your cat will have pain when urinating and will also have trouble controlling it, being able to pee outside his litter box.

Obviously, he must be taken to the veterinarian so that he can find a bladder in perfect state of health. There is no natural solution to relieve the symptoms of this cystine.

Bladder stones

There too, your cat will have trouble urinating but not controlling his bladder, if the stone remains in place for too long, it can evolve and only surgery will remove it. I therefore advise you to treat it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can put a cat diaper on him so he doesn’t urinate everywhere. If he’s urinating all over the place, baking soda and white vinegar are ideal to remove the smell and completely clean the cat’s urine.

A urethral plug

Preventing the normal flow of the bladder, your cat will urinate very little and also the veterinarian must be consulted as soon as possible to avoid any serious risk that could endanger the life of the cat.

You can very lightly press on the cat’s lower abdomen to help it urinate, but be very careful as doing so can make the problem worse and cause damage to its body.

A bacterial infection

An infection going up to the bladder can also create bleeding present in the cat’s urine. In this case, he will have no difficulty in urinating and will also have control over it. However, the veterinary box is also essential because the infection can evolve and blood is always a very bad sign.


If the parasites are present in your cat’s body, he will have many problems, including weight loss despite the fact that he is still eating. If the parasites are present, check his stool and coat for small white dots. It will then be necessary to have it dewormed and then dewormed to prevent the parasites from reappearing.

Parasites concern both cats that live indoors and those that live outdoors and you will have to treat it before these multiply and end up killing it by absorbing everything it ingests and causing increasing damage.

Blood loss

Your cat is suffering the martyrdom but has no apparent injury, he is probably suffering from a hemorrhage which could be fatal to him and must therefore be taken to the veterinarian for an emergency treatment and probably a surgical operation.


If your cat has just taken medication, it is probably a side effect that you can check on the box. It will then be necessary to have it replaced at the veterinarian because it does not suit him at all.

Do not give him medicine for men that would be harmful to him because he does not have the same organism as us.

A trauma

A shock or a fall can hurt him and make him pee pink, too, the veterinarian must be consulted so that he can heal. If he limps, for example, or has trouble orienting himself, these are signs of a shock.

Cat peeing pink: The final word

If your cat urinates pink, then he is suffering from something not trivial and still needs treatment so he can recover, especially if he is old.