A cat that pees on its master can do so for several reasons, in this article, I explain everything about this feline behavior which may seem very surprising but which is always easily explained. For each of the causes, I will explain how to make sure that it is the one that concerns your cat and especially how to react to it in order to be able to put an end to this problem.


Cat peeing on its master: The different causes and their solutions

A cat can urinate on you for several reasons, here is each of them with for each the different methods to recognize them accompanied by the solutions to put in place.

To mark his territory

This is the main cause and if it is voluntary, that is to say that your cat tries to urinate on his master, then it is definitely this reason.

If your cat feels threatened by a new animal or family member, he can urinate on his master to show that he belongs to him.

Don’t punish him because he won’t understand, but make sure he understands that the new members of the household are not a threat to him and that you will always be there for him playing with him as before.

The second thing is to put him in a cat diaper if he continues, until he loses the habit. You can also diffuse citrus smells via spray, as he hates that smell and will associate it with urinating on you, causing him to stop.

Finally, if he is not sterilized, do what is necessary because he will necessarily be more territorial and aggressive if he is not. It is a way that also allows your cat to have a longer life expectancy if he has access to the outdoors because he will take much less risk.

Regarding his education, make him go in the litter when the fact starts to urinate on you and make him understand that this is where he must relieve himself. You can encourage him by having him scratch the litter pellets so he understands.

Also set up a system of positive and negative association. for example, when he pees on you, ignore him and put him in a closed room for 10 minutes so that he associates this way of taking you for a urinal with something negative.

Conversely, when he uses the litter box to urinate, reward him with something he likes, to create a positive association in his mind.

A urinary tract infection or incontinence

These types of infections can cause a loss of control over the bladder, and when it rubs against its owner, it may urinate on it without noticing. If you notice he’s urinating all over the place, then a trip to the vet is a must. Older cats are more at risk than other cats for bladder problems. Ditto for incontinence, which also affects old cats and can also be treated by the veterinarian.

Here too, a cat diaper is necessary while waiting for deeper medical treatment from the veterinarian, which will definitively solve the problem.

There is a problem with the litter box

The cat’s litter box should be personal to it, sufficiently clean and in a quiet place away from its food. If this is not the case, he can refuse to go there and use his master as a urinal. Check that his litter is attractive enough for him and meets the minimum criteria.

In this case, he will also defecate elsewhere, usually in the sheets or in the plants if you have them. Here is an article dedicated to best practices regarding litter.

He feels insecure

Stress can cause a cat to urinate on its owner, if yours is stressed, then it is vital to reassure it, first by diffusing pheromones then in depth by finding the source of this fear and removing it.

It can be noise, commotion, or a change that he will have to get used to. The more he has a good time, the faster the adaptation period will be.

If he’s scared for a good reason, find the source and make sure it can’t scare him anymore.

He was badly weaned

If your cat has been badly weaned, it may have bad behavior in general. If so, your cat probably had an early weaning, and if no training methods work for your cat, then you will need to go to a behaviorist who will help him get better in general so that he stops his bad habits.

Generic solutions

To stop the problem immediately, there are solutions to stop it, even if they do not correspond to a basic solution to solve the origin of the problem, they will be very useful in the meantime:

  • An anti urine marking spray  : Which will disgust your cat, having a sense of smell 70 times better than ours. It will at least save you from having to serve as your feline’s urinal. The smell given off will not however be perceived as unpleasant by us. If your cat urinates on you voluntarily, then this is a perfect solution to stop the problem.

  • A urinary cleaner  : Which will deodorize and eliminate the cat’s urine. It is a product adapted to this type of problem, unlike conventional household products which are less effective on feline urine.

  • A cat diaper  : Which will hold urine even if he tries to urinate on his master. Reusable nappies are much more practical and ensure that your cat does not pee on you.

Cat peeing on its master: The final word

A cat that urinates on its master does so for specific reasons, finding the cause of the problem is already a big step. It will then suffice to implement the corresponding solution and the problem will be quickly resolved.