A cat that has not eaten for 1 week is a very serious problem because a cat should never go more than 48 hours without eating. So without further ado, I guide you in this article so that you can understand the cause, and above all, make it eat immediately.

Cat that has not eaten for 1 week: What are the risks?

A cat that stops eating will initially lose its fat, but eventually your cat will have nothing left to burn and will therefore die. For this reason, it is vital to feed it immediately so that it can survive.

How to make him eat immediately?

Before seeing the causes, I prefer to start with this point because it is urgent to feed it, here is how to proceed:

  • Give him the easiest food to digest: Grind it, heat it and make it as soft as possible. You absolutely must allow your cat not to need to chew. Start with tuna oil or chicken jus if he can’t eat and make sure everything is runny. Small amounts of milk can be helpful in replenishing fat.

  • Give him food he loves: Sardines, for example, easy to chew, especially if you grind it, and which he loves and which he will have a hard time resisting. They are also very rich in Omega-3 and good proteins, and low in mercury, unlike tuna.

  • Give him vitamin B12: This vitamin, which you can find in supplements in pharmacies, stimulates the appetite and will be essential in certain cases. A good alternative is to give it brewer’s yeast in its food which will also attract it.

  • Diffuse cat calming pheromones  : At her food, to lure her to the spot. The pheromones in spray can calm him down.

The causes and their solutions

The causes of a refusal to eat cats for a week are numerous, here are the main ones for a youngster of this duration, with the solutions to be put in place for each one.

He stresses

Cats hate stress, if he is agitated, be on his guard, find the source of his stress and eliminate it or gradually get him used to it. If he is stressing out for no apparent reason, the veterinarian and the behaviorist can be of great help to you.

He has a problem with the bowl

Cats sometimes have a disgust for the bowl, especially the plastic ones. If this is the case for his, change it and use for example a classic bowl to see the difference. If the bowl is shared, it’s the same, whether it’s water or food. Each cat must have its own food and water, being naturally very territorial.

A dietary change

If you’ve changed his diet, maybe it’s just not right for him and just not edible. If he is hungry but does not eat from his bowl, change his diet? You can offer him fish to see if the problem comes from there.

A tooth disease

By opening your cat’s mouth, you will be able to see its oral condition. If you see any redness or swelling, then it is necessary to take him to the vet and give him as liquid food as possible while waiting.


Parasites can affect all cats, even those that live indoors. You can check its coat and stool to find some. If so, go to the veterinarian for a proper deworming. Then, a regular dewormer will prevent any recurrence.

He eats outside

If your cat has energy and isn’t losing weight, she’s probably eating out, either at a neighbor’s house or hunting animals. In this case, there is nothing urgent.

My cat hasn’t eaten for 1 week: The final word

The first thing you need to do is feed him as soon as possible with the advice I gave you. If he seems tired or sick then you must take him to the vet at all costs to solve the long term problem.