A cat not eating is not normal behavior as they eat very regularly and in very small amounts. If your cat has not eaten for a long time, it is vital to find the cause, because it is not normal and can hide a pathology. But fortunately there are many solutions and I explain everything you need to know about this problem to act correctly.

What is the risk of a cat that no longer eats?

A cat that stops eating will first lose weight by burning its fat reserves and will eventually become weaker, as the body lacks nutrients, it will be more prone to disease and injury.

Eventually, the cat will no longer be able to survive because its body will no longer have any fat to burn to produce energy. It is therefore vital to act in time for your feline. The faster you act, the faster your cat will heal and eat.

Cat that no longer eats: The different causes and their solutions

Finding the cause of your cat’s lack of appetite can allow you to act quickly, here is everything you need to know so that your cat can eat again, for each cause, I will give you the solutions to put in place, which sometimes solve the problem immediately.

The stress

Stressed cats suffer a lot because they do not support it well. If in the wild, stress allows them to survive by escaping dangers and predators, it will only harm them in the domestic state and can lead them to stop feeding.

If your cat is startled, aggressive, or has undergone a change like a new pet, then she is stressed. Here is a list of solutions to implement so that your cat regains its calm or its desire to eat:

  • Finding the cause of his stress: It is quite easy to find the cause of feline stress because he will give obvious signs of anxiety when exposed to it. If it is a new arrival, the main source of stress for the cat, then introduce it to him and if it is an animal, go gradually.

  • Give him calming pheromones  : This will naturally calm him down and even if it is only a temporary effect, this period of time can allow him to eat. Give him something he loves, like tuna, to make sure he eats well.

  • Avoid boredom: Boredom is a horror for cats and it is vital to take good care of it and give it something to play in your absence if it is an apartment cat.

  • Provide him with a healthy environment: No strange smells or dirt in his space. The litter must for example be placed at a distance from the bowls, otherwise the disgust will cut off his appetite.

A problem with the bowl

The bowl is sometimes the cause of young in the cat, for example when it is made of metal or when it is dirty. Cats must both like the contact of the bowl, its container and its cleanliness. The bowl can also be located in a place that is too unhealthy for him, such as in a noisy or smelly place.

Ceramic bowls are clearly the best for cats and plastic bowls should be avoided as they can even lead to allergies.

He got vaccinated

If your cat has just had a vaccine, he may not eat for 48 hours, which is completely normal. But it does not go away or he has an allergic reaction such as hives or itching, it can last longer and you will then have to consult a veterinarian.

He just traveled

Cats don’t like to travel, it moves, it shakes, it’s in a cage, it doesn’t know… in short, a real nightmare for it and it will take some time for it to recover and be able to eat again. Just let your body recover.

A dietary change

Cats like their little habits, and a food that has changed recently may displease them. Go slowly with dietary changes because your cat always needs an adjustment period.

A tooth disease

Teeth problems will cause your cat pain when eating. It is therefore vital to take him to the vet if you notice inflammation, stinks or even a broken tooth, any sign of dental problem can be checked easily and medical treatment will solve it.

Kidney disease

Since diseased kidneys cause vomiting, the cat may stop eating due to pain. If he seems tired, it may be this problem and he will then have to be taken to the vet, any sign of weakening combined with the cat’s refusal to eat should lead him there.

A stuck object

Cats can ingest something bad, like a pile of hair or a small object. If he tries to vomit but cannot, it is probably this problem and the vet will have to get rid of it, doing it yourself can hurt him.


Parasites, such as ticks and fleas can attack the cat’s body. These parasites often reach the cat in tall grass. It is absolutely vital to always have him dewormed, even if he does not have access to the outside, to prevent this problem from occurring.

Cats that experience parasites are often weak and you can find these parasites in their salts and coat. You will then have to take him to the veterinarian, otherwise these parasites will multiply and eventually kill him.

He eats out

If your cat is full of life and not losing weight, then it is possible that it is feeding outside with its prey like mice or maybe a neighbor is feeding it. In this case, he does not suffer any pathology or problem.

You can feed him in the morning before he goes outside to make sure he has enough quality food. The more appetizing the food, the more he will want it and will not go looking for food outside.

If your cat is an outstanding hunter, you can check it out because dead rabbits and mice can be left outside your door or in your yard.

It’s very hot

Cats are lethargic in hot weather and will often lack their appetite, so try to whet their appetite by leaving them in a cool room, such as the bathroom, as they will be able to eat there more easily, being cooler there. . His high body temperature coupled with his coat makes him feel weak when it’s hot.

Ideally, an air-conditioned or ventilated place with a fan will allow him to avoid that the body of the cat undergoes too much heat and it will then be

The veterinarian: Essential if your cat has other symptoms

I have mentioned with you the main sources of a cat’s refusal to eat, but there are other rarer ones which are linked to diseases. So if your cat shows signs of fatigue or symptoms, then it is vital to always take him to the vet before the situation gets worse.

Generally, after 48 hours without eating, a cat may be in danger and it will absolutely be necessary for it to be fed properly.

The veterinarian will be able to act quickly, once he has made the diagnosis of the cat and has asked you all the questions to establish the context. Sometimes tests and x-rays can be done to find a deeper cause.

Following the examination, he may provide antibiotics, antiemetics or, as a last resort if the cause is serious, perform surgical treatment, sometimes necessary if the problem has persisted too much. The earlier you get there, the easier the treatment will be.

How to promote food intake whatever the cause?

Some remedies for a cat that won’t eat are easy to put in place and can help her eat while waiting for a visit to the vet or until the problem is resolved. Here’s what you can do:

  • Offer him a healthy environment: You can add pheromones as I told you above so that he feels really good in his environment. But basically, his space must be spared the smells of household products that he may ingest, the smell of cigarettes and also noise, such as that of the washing machine.

  • Give him the most appetizing food possible: Preferably hot, moist and that he will love. For example, heated tuna will whet your appetite through smell, texture and taste. You can sprinkle his food with brewer’s yeast to perfect it.

  • Give him vitamin B12: Which will provide him with an appetite, obviously it will be necessary to force the swallowing a little by the cat who will not necessarily be in demand.

  • Facilitate the ingestion of food: By cutting or crushing it to prevent him from chewing (essential if he has teeth problems). This is also why dry food will be refused if he has a health problem.

Cat that does not eat: The final word

If your cat is not eating, not finding the cause often allows you to put in place a natural solution quickly. If nothing helps or he shows symptoms, then only the veterinarian can cure him. If it is a young cat or on the contrary an old cat, the medical examination is essential because it is very fragile.