If your cat is no longer clean, there is a specific cause, your cat does not do it to annoy you, because it is a very clean animal. So, if your cat has become dirty, here are all the solutions to put in place for each cause.

Cat that is no longer clean: The causes and their solutions

If your cat has this problem, here are all the causes and their solutions, for each one, I explain how to recognize it in order to implement the appropriate solution.

He found another place

First, your cat may have found a more welcoming place to relieve itself. For example a new plant or a sandbox that you have put outside. Make it clear to him that this is not the place.

When he relieves himself in the new place he has, make him understand that he shouldn’t do so by firmly saying NO to him and then locking him in a room for 15 minutes and ignoring him afterwards.

There are more radical solutions, for example, you can put a citrus smell on the plant or the sandbox, because cats hate the smell , better yet putting a citrus tree will keep it at bay.

The whole thing is that the smell does not diffuse in the places where he usually goes so as not to disturb his way of life.

If your cat is doing its business in a new bed, for example, then aluminum is a good solution because cats hate touching it.

There has been a change in the litter

If there have been changes in the litter box, then your cat may be refusing his needs. Here’s what might bother him:

  • Not enough or too many pellets, discouraging him from defecating there, 5-7 cm is recommended so that he can cover his excrement without sinking into it.

  • The litter is too high: For old cats, a semi-open litter is essential to allow them to access it despite less mobility.

  • The litter box smells bad: You may have cleaned it with household products that your cat hates. Baking soda is much better.

  • A new animal relieves itself there: In this case your cat will categorically refuse to go there, it is territorial by nature and absolutely must have its own litter box.

  • She has changed places: Maybe she is too close to his food, in a restless place or in a place that is too narrow for him to feel safe there.

He is afraid of something towards the litter

Cats have unfounded fears sometimes, like cucumbers that make them think of snakes, so if your cat is afraid of something, make sure he isn’t terrified of it, or if the fear is justified, do so that its source no longer disturbs your cat.

He may also be afraid of something that is not under your control, such as work on the street, and in this case a temporary removal of the litter will be necessary.

A new animal or inhabitant has arrived

If a newcomer is in the household, your cat marks its territory by urinating or defecating elsewhere. So if your cat is afraid of losing his territory, make it clear to him that he has nothing to fear by sharing moments with him.

If a new animal has arrived, also pay attention that your cat gets used to it, you can play 3 sets so that their moments spent together are perceived as positive.

If it is a dog or a rabbit for example, natural predator and prey of the cat in the wild, make sure that the taming is done calmly and very gradually. The younger the animals, the easier it will be to get them used to each other.

He’s sick

If your cat is sick, it may become dirty. First of all on him because he can stop cleaning himself, for example in case of very strong fatigue. But he can relieve himself anywhere, if he has diarrhea or is incontinent. Older cats are the most affected.

If your cat is pooping all over the place and seems weakened, it’s probably sick, and if nothing passes quickly, go to the vet for proper treatment.

My cat is no longer clean: The final word

If your cat is no longer clean, make sure to find the cause and put the most suitable solution for it to redo its needs in the litter box.