Cats can meow for many reasons, especially when they are still young kittens, because they are discovering the world and their environment and are not yet fully independent. Typically, a cat meows for attention or food. But if your cat meows all the time, it is necessary to find the causes.

For this, I will immediately show you the different causes that can cause your cat to meow constantly and for each, the solutions to put in place.

Cat that meows all the time: The causes

Several reasons can explain the permanent meowing of the cat. Here are all the ones that can lead to it, how to recognize them, and especially how to put an end to the problem for each of them.

A predisposition

Some cats love to communicate verbally and if your cat does not have any particular need, it is likely that he does it naturally, either because he is a young cat who needs it and that will pass with age, or because his race predisposes him to it.

For instance ; Siamese and Balinese are natural meowers and they will do this very often to communicate, without any particular need causing the meow.

Bear with me though because maybe it’s another cause even though everything seems to be perfectly fine on the surface.

His needs are not being met

Needs that are not met are the first reason for unwanted meowing in cats and if one of the cat’s needs is not met, he will meow absolutely all the time:

The food 

Cats need to eat regularly in small doses because they cannot fast like us and survive. Food should be varied wet/dry, which is usually the case with wet mash and dry kibble. If your cat is hungry all the time, binges and begs again, watch out for health issues, such as the presence of parasites that absorb its nutrients, for example.

To give you an idea, dry food, such as kibble, should represent 2/3 of its diet, in particular to avoid tartar problems and provide it with a sufficient level of carbohydrates. But if your cat only eats kibble and does not hunt outside, he will need more protein and only a meat diet will provide him with the needs he needs at the rate of a third of his diet;

As for the meat diet, the fact that it is soft avoids pain and health problems in general so that your cat can have a diet that allows both to meet its daily needs in addition to providing it with enough to avoid the problems of too dry a diet, such as bleeding gums or kidney problems in the long term.

The water 

Cats like fresh water, they won’t drink water that doesn’t look healthy, because in the wild it’s probably dangerous. Their animal instinct will always make them want fresh water. Change it well every day and if he really doesn’t want water in the bowl, get him a cat fountain, dripping water is healthier for him. You can also put chicken or tuna juice for him to drink.

If your cat smells the water and then rejects it, he may smell the smell of the products that are poured into it to sanitize him, then take him mineral water which he will prefer to tap water, this first having a totally natural smell.


The litter box must be clean, otherwise he will not relieve himself there and will do so in the house. Cats are very hygienic and will refuse to relieve themselves there if they stick their paws in their defecations.

It must also be far from food and water, it will never mix these elements, also for hygiene, especially if it is hot and the odors rise.

The litter should also not be shared, that is to say that no other animal should do its needs there, otherwise your cat will snub it.

Finally, she must be in a quiet place where he feels totally safe, being in a moment where he cannot defend himself in case of attack. So avoid putting it near the microwave or a place with a lot of traffic.

The game 

Cats, especially young ones and those who live in apartments, need to exert themselves. If they have access to the outside, they will have enough to channel their energy into hunting. If they live indoors, a cat tree, cat wheel or interactive toys will allow them to exercise indoors. A young cat that does not exert itself will meow to claim the game.

The game helps them to develop their hunting instincts and the youngest will spend a long time playing, so make sure that they spend enough time.

The personal corner 

Territorial animal, the cat must have its personal space where everything it needs is, it must not share it with other animals because they will deposit their smell there. In addition, cats must have their personal space in a clean place.


A cat will always want to live in a hygienic environment, it can’t stand dirt. He also spends nearly half of his waking time having an activity related to personal hygiene. So make sure that your cat lives in sufficient hygienic conditions, by changing its litter every week and by cleaning these bowls well ( preferably with baking soda ). And space the litter boxes from the bowls to crown these hygienic bases.

For example, a regularly changed litter box is essential for your cat to feel comfortable in it. As for the air, if it is of poor quality with, for example, cigarettes, he will meow in protest, especially since this substance can rot his lungs.

As for cleaning, take cat products or baking soda and always make sure your cat is safe from household products and especially bleach.

The contact with you 

If your cat meows all the time, it is possible that he lacks contact with you, games and cuddles will fill this affection, especially if they are young. If you don’t have time, sleep with him and make sure he can smell you with a worn t-shirt, for example, that he can keep close to him when you’re not around.

Your pussy is in heat 

If your cat is not neutered, she will meow constantly even if she does not have access to the outside, it is a way for her to attract males and she will keep this behavior by natural instinct. It is always preferable to sterilize her, which will prevent her from suffering indoors and not taking any risks outdoors, sterilized cats live longer than their companions who are not.

An unsterilized cat is easily recognized because she rubs against the ground to attract male cats by diffusing her scent there so that he can find her.

A bad habit

If your cat has been successful every time he meows for something, he will continue to have this behavior because it seems normal to him. You should therefore offer him a reward only from the moment he calms down and ignore him when he begins his untimely meowing. However, do not punish him or he will lose his trust in you.

If he meows on a whim, just ignore him, and eventually he’ll stop meowing for a yes or a no, especially when he spends his life coming in and out.

He’s sick

If nothing helps and your cat meows constantly, then it is strongly advised to consult a veterinarian as this may hide an underlying problem, especially if he seems tired. If your cat is old, it is likely that he is sick and this is the only way for him to express it. For example, kidney stones may cause him to meow in pain constantly.

You can try to see if he shows signs of weakness, either physically or mentally.

Clearly differentiate the types of meows

If you don’t know why your cat meows continuously, pay attention to the types of meows, there are several and each has a different meaning.

Short, shallow meow

This is probably just a communication thing and their tail will normally be lifted and curled at the end. He is simply talkative and likes to communicate when he sees you.

High-pitched and repeated meowing

It is usually an expression of suffering. Your cat may be sick or in pain. Check to see if he has an injury and if he seems tired. If you have the slightest suspicion, take him to the vet.

Severe meowing

Your cat is in an aggressive mood, and if it is constant, it means that one of his needs is not being met and is disturbing his balance. If he is not sterilized, his desire to reproduce gets on his nerves because it is a primary need, especially in hot weather.

How to act step by step?

The first thing to check is that he has everything he needs to meet his needs, this is a step that is often enough to settle things and make your cat stop meowing.

The second thing is to check for a possible health problem that will mainly affect cats over 12 years old. If you notice weakness, then your cat is probably sick and will need to be treated either with remedies available in parapharmacies or by going to the veterinarian.

Finally, pay attention to behavioral problems that make him meow all the time to have an answer to his whims. Your cat needs to learn not to meow all the time by only being given ignorance for it to learn and if nothing helps, a behaviorist will help it stop constantly meowing for a yes or a no.

Special cases

There are several special cases that arise when a cat spends its time meowing, so here’s how to react to each of them.

Old cat that meows all the time

If you have an old cat that meows all the time, it probably has a health problem. Check to see if there is anything wrong, wounds, tooth problems, reduced motor skills, or even diarrhea or vomiting. It will then be necessary to act according to the cause.

We have many cat health articles that will help you, just type your cat’s problem into our search bar. You will be able to find out if a visit to the veterinarian is necessary or if you can treat it yourself.

Cat that meows all the time to go out

A cat that meows all the time to get out is probably broken…capricious. You can let him go out, but if he does his usual round trips and asks you all the time to go out, you will have to make him understand that if he goes out it is not to come back right after.

So wait before bringing him back once he goes out so that he understands that he can go out if he wants to stay outside for a long time.

Of course, there are alternatives such as leaving a window open or installing a cat flap, so that he can have total autonomy.

Cat that meows all the time: The final word

A cat that meows all the time is unpleasant, finding the cause is usually enough to correct the problem. If he does it naturally, learn to reward when he is calm and don’t punish him otherwise, just ignore your cat who meows all the time.