If your cat meows at night in front of the door, there may be several causes that justify this behavior, here is why it does it, how to recognize the cause and especially how to react to put an end to it.

Cat that meows at night in front of the door: The causes and their solutions

Your cat has this behavior for a good reason, here are the causes and what to do about each one.

He is hungry

A hungry cat may wake you up at night to get food, so feed it before going to sleep so it won’t need you to get its way and will stop waking you up during the night. Also know that he needs not only kibble, but also wet food to be fully fed.

He wants attention

A cat that wants attention will also tend to wake you up during the night, and in this case, it will have to understand that it has to wait until morning for you to have its attention, so ignore it and go away. he persists, place a cat repellent in front of the door so that he goes away and lets you sleep; playing with him before sleeping will also lower his energy level during the night and avoid the problem.

He wants out

A radical solution is to put a cat flap or leave access to the outside, if there is no danger where you live. Also make your cat patient by using a repellent and ignorance, the two solutions to stop him doing his number. An uncastrated cat may also want to go outside to reproduce and it is strongly recommended to castrate it, which will also extend its life expectancy.

He’s sick

If your cat is elderly or showing signs of weakness then he may be sick, take him to the vet if in doubt. You can look to see if a stitch hurts or shows signs of disease to get a better idea.

He is stressed

If your cat is stressed then he may start meowing during the night, you can give him a personal corner for him to feel comfortable in a quiet environment and his restlessness, place an anti-stress spray towards his corner staff is also a good solution.

Don’t punish him

Punishing a cat is never a good idea and it’s vital not to punish them as they will lose their trust in you, just ignore them and broadcast placing repellent outside the door so they get away. ‘keep away.

Cat meowing in front of the door at night: The final word

If your cat starts meowing outside the door during the night, find the cause of the problem to be able to act correctly and know that ignorance and cat repellents are your best allies.