If your cat meows in the morning, it’s not to bother you, but for many possible reasons, so here are the most common, and how to recognize it and react to it so that your cat stops waking you up in the morning with its meows.

Cat that meows in the morning: The causes

If your cat meows in the morning, here are the main causes that lead him to do so, how to recognize them and how to react to them.

He is hungry

Hunger is the number one cause of cats’ morning meows, but they need to understand that meowing is pointless, so ignore it and they’ll stop begging for food in the morning. You can even ignore him when you get up and feed him only when he has calmed down, so that he understands by positive association that meowing is useless.

To prevent rather than cure, you can also feed him in the evening so that he is not hungry in the morning, also teach him not to complain during the day, for example, it is really advisable not to give in to his whims during the day and to feed him when the time comes, if he has to eat when he calls, he will reproduce this behavior in the morning by meowing.

He wants attention

The second reason your cat meows in the morning is because it wants your attention, so just ignore it and it will get the hang of it over time. In fact, the solutions here are similar to the first point, for example, once you go into the living room, make sure to ignore him and give him attention only when he is calm.

Again, better safe than sorry, spending time with him in the evening so he gets his daily dose, especially if he’s very young and naturally needs it.

Giving him something to play on his own will also help him to be calmer in the morning, an electric wheel or a food puzzle will allow him to play on his own.

He wants to play

There too, you must ignore it and make sure that it is spent in the evening so that you don’t have as much energy in the morning. Never playing with him when he wakes up is also a habit to adopt to make him understand, you can wait until the end of the morning on the weekend for him to get used to his hours of play.

Autonomous games are also favorable for the cat and so that he behaves well when he wakes up because he will have enough to spend, if a second cat is present it is even better!

He is afraid of something

If something scares your cat, he will meow but in a more aggressive way, you will feel that it is not to get something specific. So, make sure to remove this thing that scares him so much.

Also know that your cat needs time to acclimatize to the change if you moved recently, and always make sure that he is there as well as possible after the move , with his personal corner…

If it’s a new animal that scares him, have them spend the night in different rooms, even if it’s a cat, as they are very territorial, and get them used to each other by gently, but at first they should not sleep together.

Generic solutions

The solutions I have just listed allow you to treat the problem at the root, but for quick results, you can also put in place solutions that will prevent him from meowing in the morning.

Put on a repellent

Cat repellents contain smells they hate, so if your cat goes straight to the door to meow, put repellent in there, provided the cat can’t smell it where it sleeps, otherwise , it will be very unpleasant for him and he may even vomit.

Put it in a distant room

Solution to put in place in case nothing else works, start by taking a room large enough, or your cat will not feel trapped, which would increase its stress. Then put all the elements of his personal corner there so that he can feel at his best.

He suffers

If your cat is in pain, he may start meowing, whether it’s a physical injury or illness, so if your cat seems weak and meows frequently , it’s vital to take him to the vet if nothing changes quickly.

He wants out

And yes, another great classic, always with ignorance as a solution, you can open it once it has calmed down and put a cat flap in place if you can. He must understand that meowing is useless to go outside.

What you should never do

Contrary to what we have seen together, there are certain things you should never do, here is what you should never do if your cat meows in the morning.

To open the door

Opening the door will prove him right, for him it’s what you have to do to get what he wants, so never open so as not to complicate things. In fact, making any noise is a bad idea, because your cat will know that his meows will have an effect on him and remember that your cat has extraordinary hearing compared to ours.


Ditto, even if you yell, you prove him right in his eyes, and it is vital that he feels helpless, otherwise he will continue to meow. Remaining completely silent is essential so that it stops on its own in the face of the impotence of its nocturnal meows .

Punish him

Punishing him is a bad idea because he will not understand and you will lose his confidence by behaving like this, are positive and negative associations effective and without impact on the relationship with your cat.

Cat that meows in the morning: The final word

Cats love to meow in the morning, but not necessarily for the same reasons, so put everything in place so that he learns to behave well and stops waking you up in the morning by treating the problem at the root.