A cat meowing for no reason is not something possible because there is always an underlying cause, the meowing being used to communicate. But if there doesn’t seem to be a reason behind this meow, here’s everything you need to know about this meow and most importantly, how to react to it.

Cat meowing for no reason: Understanding meowing

The cat can meow for different reasons, for example, it can do it to ask for something, often food, but there are also other reasons that cause it to meow.

Meowing is primarily used to communicate, a cat that meows while looking at you in the morning may want to say hello to it, for example. Conversely, a cat that meows while being apathetic is probably sick and may also purr to mask its pain.

The causes and their solutions

A cat that seems to meow for no reason, here are the different causes that can lead to it, with for each, the solutions to put in place. You will also know how to recognize the reason why your cat meows for no apparent reason.

He stresses

A stressed cat is usually agitated, with dilated pupils and often on high alert. Stress makes him meow, he kind of asks you to find a solution. Perhaps he feels bad in his corner (too much noise or commotion) whereas his personal corner must give him the necessary calm so that he does not feel in danger there when he eats or does his needs.

He may also have trouble with a change or a new animal to which he will have to get used to. If the problem is not a change in his life, you will need to eliminate the source of stress.

To calm him down immediately, you will need to use Bach flowers or soothing sprays whose smell will have an immediate effect.

For the root camer, everything will depend on the cause. For example, if its corner is placed in a noisy place and with a lot of traffic, it will be necessary to ensure that it can be placed in a quiet place and without traffic, the cats will feel vulnerable in the face of danger otherwise, it is linked to their survival instinct which he always keeps in the domestic state.

If it’s a new animal, you need to tame them gradually, go with great caution if the other animal is a predator or prey for the cat in the wild.

If you’ve just moved, recreate his personal space and spend time comforting him so he gets used to it as quickly as possible.

He is in heat

If your cat is not sterilized, he will have periods of heat and will be very noisy, his hormones disturbing him. If it’s an outdoor cat and it’s a female, she will probably get pregnant quickly because she will know how to capture the attention of males.

To give you an idea, cats come into heat in the spring and fall, generally after they are six months old.

I can only advise you to have your cat sterilized because it will be much happier and above all much less aggressive, both in terms of mewing but also physically.

For an indoor cat, it’s a deliverance and for an outdoor cat it’s a significant increase in life expectancy because your cat takes fewer risks outside if it is neutered.

He is hurt

A cat in pain will often vocalize to express its pain. If your cat is listless, lacks energy, won’t eat or doesn’t want to be touched, his body is suffering. If he seems to be in really bad shape or the problem isn’t going away, then it’s vital that you take him to the vet. In the meantime, reassure him and let him rest without disturbing him.

You can also see if he has any specific symptoms, such as red eyes, a wound or an internal wound that hurts when you touch the area where he hurts.

If your cat is in pain but you don’t see any apparent injury, beware as it may be internal bleeding, which is extremely dangerous and will cause mobility problems for your cat.

He is getting older

Older cats not only age physically but also mentally and they may meow for no reason because they are a bit lost. Try to reassure him as much as possible to best support him in his old age, that is to say after 10 years.

Also be careful because old cats are often more at risk of getting diseases, so make sure to check that your cat has no signs of disease, otherwise you will have to go to the veterinarian.

FAQ: The most common questions

If your cat meows for no reason, you probably have some specific questions at this level, here are the answers to the most common of them:

Why does my cat meow for no reason at night?

If your cat meows for no reason at night, he’s probably looking for something, usually food, if you want him to stop, only ignorance will work, and if you want him to stop meowing outside your bedroom door , so put some cat repellent on it.

Why does my cat meow like a baby?

It’s usually a seduction trick so that you feed him or he can get something, if you have a baby he can copy it, seeing that it works for him.

How to silence a cat that meows all the time?

No choice, the root cause will have to be treated so that he can stop meowing for no reason.

Cat meowing for no reason: The final word

A cat never meows for no reason, but if it is in our eyes as humans, it is most likely one of the above causes. Once you spot it, you can act quickly and effectively to relieve the root cause.