Do you have a cat that loses its hair in places? There can be different causes behind this problem, but there are solutions for all of them. So, stay with me, I’ll explain how to recognize the problem and above all how to best react to it.

Cat losing its hair in places: The causes and their solutions

If you have a cat that is shedding in places, it is due to one of the causes below. For each, solutions can be put in place to solve the problem.


This fungal infection will cause round hairless areas on its back and head as well as scabs on its tail and body. You have only one solution here: the veterinarian. Because the problem cannot be solved by the cat’s immune system.

Act quickly because ringworms can be transmitted to other animals and even to humans, which can be a concern if you have young children.


Fleas are parasites that affect both indoor and outdoor cats. Indoors, via mosquito bites infected with larvae and outdoors in tall grass. Fleas will cause scratching and therefore hairless areas.

To eliminate them, go to the veterinarian. But to avoid recurrences, make it well dewormed to protect it and especially to prevent other parasites such as worms from infesting it.


Transmitted by mites, cat mange causes hair loss and itching in the ears. It can only be treated by the veterinarian and can be transmitted to humans if nothing is done.

An allergy

Allergies to pollen, dust or plastic can cause your cat to scratch, lick and therefore lose hair in places. For allergies, you will need treatment from the veterinarian. In the meantime, make sure to preserve it as much as possible by leaving it indoors and keeping it away from potentially allergenic substances.

The stress

Stress will often cause cats to lick excessively , a way of reassuring themselves, and can lead to localized feline hair loss. The stress can be due to a change and it will take some getting used to, which takes about 30 days. If the stress is justified, then you will need to eliminate the source by observing your cat to determine the cause. Sometimes the causes are very strange, such as the presence of cucumbers or noisy work.

To eliminate stress quickly, you can diffuse soothing pheromones or Bach flowers, but this will not have a long-term effect.

Cat losing its hair in places: The final word

If your cat is losing hair, the cause is easy to find and all you have to do is take action to treat it. It’s not a serious thing, but don’t let the problem drag on to avoid any complications.