If your cat drinks a lot, there can be many causes behind this problem, the problem is that if this problem is accompanied by weight loss, then it is a pathology. Here is everything you need to know about your cat who is losing weight and drinking a lot, how to solve the problem and above all how to recognize the cause to take action.

Cat that loses weight and drinks a lot: the different causes

If you have a cat that loses weight while drinking a lot, here are the two main causes of this problem and how to react to them according to the symptoms it presents, allowing you to recognize the disease.


Diabetes does not only affect humans, cats are also victims, especially big and old ones. So if your cat has no appetite problem, eats more than usual and urinates a lot, it is vital that he goes to the veterinarian who will carry out a blood test and a urine analysis to pinpoint the exact cause.

Your veterinarian can give him an appropriate treatment and you will also need to give him food designed for diabetic cats, so that he can live as well as possible despite his pathology. About 30% of treated cats go into remission, and it is best to act as quickly as possible to maximize the chances that he will not need insulin injections at the end.

Kidney failure

Kidney failure is the number one killer of cats, but with the right treatment, even advanced cases can be cured with treatment and the right diet. IF your cat urinates a lot and seems weak, with muscle wasting in more advanced cases

If your cat has general health issues, such as bad breath or bowel issues, kidney failure is likely present.

Kidney failure should also lead to a visit to the veterinarian and you will need to ensure that your cat has eating habits that correspond to its pathology. Remember that 90% of cats over 15 suffer from it.

The veterinarian will take a blood test to determine if your cat has it.

Things to do while waiting

Whatever the cause among these 2 which can explain the problem, you can give him an adapted diet. You will need to start with a diet that does not contain vegetables or fruits, some are bad at the base, but anyway they will be far too high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should make up a maximum of 33% of their diet.

Conversely, give him a diet rich in animal proteins and fats such as cat food or even chicken or sardines, especially if he does not hunt outside.

Cat who loses weight and drinks a lot: The word of the end

Your cat probably has diabetes or kidney failure, so go to the vet for proper treatment and feed them the right diet.