If your cat is hit by a car, several good reflexes must be put in place. I guide you step by step to take care of your cat and take it to recovery.

Cat hit by a car: The different stages

Several steps need to be put in place to ensure the safety of your cat. Here is for each of them, everything you need to set up.

Get him to safety

Do not throw yourself on your cat, gently take his pulse in the groin and if you notice or suspect a serious injury, call the veterinarian urgently and lay a blanket on your cat, staying well with him.

Then roll up the blanket, being careful not to hurt him and absolutely avoid twisting his body. Then, transport him as gently as possible to a warm place to prevent him from going into hypothermia and install him on a flat place.

Perform first aid actions

If your cat is losing a lot of blood, give it a tourniquet or prevent bleeding with a clean cloth like a piece of clothing, don’t tighten it too much and leave it for a quarter of an hour. To clean the wound, use only saline for cats and never disinfectant or alcohol.

Also pay attention to your cat’s condition to avoid hurting him when you take care of him.

The veterinarian

You have two possibilities concerning the veterinarian, first of all if your cat is slightly injured, you can take him directly to his home. But if he is in a lot of pain and in critical condition, then it is vital to get the vet to arrive as soon as possible by contacting veterinary emergencies.

What are the possible injuries?

Injuries depend on where your cat was injured and the level of vehicle speed. Injuries can be external and visible or internal, in which case they are not visible but can be serious, such as hemorrhage for example.

Among external injuries, fractures, dislocations and wounds are the most common. Internal injuries can include bruising, internal bleeding and even organ rupture.

How will he be healed?

Your cat can have several treatments depending on the type of pain, such as oxygen therapy if he has breathing problems, fluid therapies can also be put in place to improve blood circulation. To stop bleeding, bandages will be put in place.

The tests that will be implemented

Once your animal has been treated, various tests will be necessary to make an accurate diagnosis, such as a blood test or even imaging that will allow you to know the complete state of health of your dear feline. It is also a way to know if surgery will be necessary.

What consequences for the future?

If your cat has hit a car, it will probably have to be kept in a cage until it recovers, your veterinarian will give you a time limit depending on the severity of the injury. Then, your cat will retain psychological consequences and will avoid cars at all costs and the mere noise of the engine will put him in intense stress.

Over time, this trauma will be less and less present but will always be anchored in him and he will not be able to like cars and will quickly move away from them when he sees one.

How to avoid a recurrence?

To prevent your cat from being knocked down again, make sure that it is well sterilized because it takes less risk when it is outside.

Another solution is to trace it to see how far it goes.

Finally, it is vital not to take him out at night if he is near a road because the risk is greater during the night.

Cat that was hit by a car: The final word

A cat that has been hit by a car must always be treated as soon as possible, so if yours has suffered a blow from a car, be attentive to its condition and make sure to get it treated as soon as possible.