A cat that hasn’t eaten for 3 days is always worrying, so bear with me, in this article, I show you how to react to your cat’s refusal to eat so that he can eat normally again.

My cat hasn’t eaten for 3 days: Possible causes and their solutions

If your cat has not eaten for 3 days, it is vital to find the cause of the problem in order to be able to act in depth and directly at the root of the problem. So if your cat hasn’t eaten for 72 hours here is everything you need to know about what can push it and especially how to react.

He stresses

A stressed cat will be afraid of everything, will be aggressive and may even lose its hair. If your cat is showing signs of stress, it’s vital that he can return to his normal state quickly, so do what is necessary to bring him back to a calm state.

If there is something that rightly frightens him, he should not have to deal with it again, and if it is a new animal or a new inhabitant, it is vital that your cat can s get used to by sharing good times with him, for a totally successful taming.

Finally, so that he can be totally comfortable in his daily life, you can provide him with a corner that is personal to him with his litter, his food, his water and his cat tree or his cushion, and put it in an accessible, calm and healthy place.

To de-stress him immediately, you can use soothing sprays that will allow him to relieve stress, certainly on the surface, but immediately.

He has a problem with the bowl

The bowl can also be a problem for him, so make sure it is adapted to his needs. It must already be personal to him and he must not smell any odors of other animals in it, cats being very territorial.

Then, it should not be washed with chemicals that can attack the cat’s nasal passages, prefer products that your cat tolerates, such as baking soda , which can even be used to remove odors from its litter.

Another point that can be a problem for him is if his bowl is made of plastic, because the material will be potentially unpleasant for him, prefer a ceramic bowl or even better a wooden one, the smell of which cats love.

He has a toothache

A cat with a toothache will necessarily be reluctant to eat because the food will hurt his teeth, especially if it is hard and even cold water can make him suffer. So if your cat has bright red or black gums , or teeth of his color, he has an oral problem, the same if there is pus present.

So, in this case, give him soft, lukewarm food that he likes and also lukewarm water to facilitate his food intake, but I advise you to go to the veterinarian to avoid the problem. evolves and your cat ends up losing a tooth.

The food does not suit him

Your cat may also reject the food if you have changed it recently which is often the case as cats don’t like change but 3 days is worrying so go back to the old food to make sure it eat properly.

You can still try to accustom him to the new food by sprinkling it with brewer’s yeast, chicken juice or tuna oil, to make it more appetizing to him. The more appetizing the food, the more he will like it.

If you’ve placed the food in an unusual place, he may also reject it, so if you’ve moved it, make sure the food is back in its previous location, which should be clean, quiet, and accessible.


A cat with intestinal parasites can be recognized by their presence in the stool, in the form of small white dots. So if your cat has visible parasites in its stool or around its anus, you will need to have it dewormed and dewormed if it has not already been done. Go to the vet ASAP.

As for food, one that is moist and liquid can still help but is not a solution as the pests will feed on it and absorb the nutrients.

He has an acute illness

Like for example constipation or diarrhea and will start fasting to avoid any pain and recover, you can give him liquid food to help him eat but I recommend that you go to the vet as soon as possible.

He eats elsewhere

If your cat is in good shape and shows no signs of suffering, it is normal that he does not eat at home because he does it elsewhere, whether at neighbors or in nature with prey such as birds or mice and more rarely rats.

So if you want to have control over his diet, wait until he eats what you give him before he goes outside, so you can control his food bowl and make sure he doesn’t eat junk food outside. outside.

Generic solutions

There are several generic solutions that will only get your cat to eat after a 3 day fast, here is everything you can do to get them to eat again, but remember that the cause of the problem must be treated at the root so that it eats normally again.

Give him easily digestible food

By giving your cat easy-to-digest food, you allow him to preserve his transit and eat again without complaining. For this reason, give him the most moist food possible so that he can eat as easily as possible.

Give him food he loves

The more your cat likes the food, the higher the chances of them eating it, while whether it’s chicken or sardines, you can give them to stimulate their appetite, especially since these foods are soft. and won’t hurt him by eating them.

Give him vitamin B12

By mixing it with a food he likes, because vitamin b12 helps stimulate his appetite and will promote his food intake. A good alternative is brewer’s yeast.

Diffuse an anti-stress spray

Diffusing anti-stress pheromones towards his food will allow your cat to be attracted towards the location of the food, which is a first step if he does not want to go there, then the previous advice will be essential so that he can eat as easily as possible.

When to see the vet?

You can go see the vet directly, because after 3 days, the situation is worrying and must be treated urgently, especially if your cat is very young or on the contrary very old and his body is naturally weaker. After having analyzed it, the veterinarian can give it the most suitable treatment for its problem.

My cat hasn’t eaten for 3 days: The final word

A cat that does not eat for such a long period must take concrete action immediately and the veterinarian is often essential at this stage.