If your cat has a hairless sore, it’s vital that you can find the cause and can get your cat healed quickly. So for this, I present to you all the causes. For each, I explain how to recognize it and especially how to ensure that the problem is solved.

Cat that has a hairless wound: The causes and how to react

If your cat has a hairless sore, it’s for one of the following reasons, here’s everything you need to know about each and how to react.


Parasites are numerous, fleas , worms and ticks to name but a few. Outdoor cats are certainly more prone to it because fleas, for example, are present in tall grass in spring and summer.

But simple mosquito bites can transmit it, so have your cat well dewormed so that it is spared. Having it dewormed will also be essential so that it can avoid a proliferation of fleas and increasingly large plaques accompanied by bleeding.

To find out if your cat has fleas, inspect its coat and comb it with a dedicated comb to see if fleas are present, they are recognizable in the form of small white dots. In this case, act as quickly as possible because washing your cat will not be enough and the fleas will reproduce.


Stress is a source of excessive licking and scratching in cats, if your cat is stressed, you will notice it by compulsive behavior and unusual agitation. So pay close attention to what scares your cat.

Maybe his corner isn’t quiet enough, or he’s scared of construction, or a new animal is stressing him out, especially if it’s a dog . Take action on the cause of the problem.

In the meantime, spend time playing with him and spreading soothing pheromones so he can immediately feel good.


Cats have similar allergies to humans, whether to dust mites, pollen, or food. If your cat has been given a new food he may be allergic to it, if spring has arrived pollen is likely the culprit.

If your cat is sneezing or has red or runny eyes or is sneezing frequently , an allergy is very likely. In this case, go to the veterinarian so that he can determine the exact cause and give him an appropriate treatment.


An infection is possible if the wound has worsened, in this case, you will see that it looks dirty and especially that it no longer has the appearance of a few days ago, so to avoid necrosis , get him treated in time and if the wound is really large and problematic, take him to the vet.

In the meantime, place honey in it which will relieve it, because infected wounds can hurt the cat very badly, causing a vicious effect by scratching.

Thyroid Problems

Old cats often have thyroid problems, they will then be tired, no longer hungry and lose weight, among other things, if your cat seems weakened, take him to the veterinarian so that he receives appropriate treatment.

An old cat (12 years or more) should be regularly taken to the veterinarian for check-ups to prevent the development of certain diseases.


A bite will inevitably create wound problems, especially if it is a snakebite which can also cause necrosis. So if your cat has been bitten, part of the coat may have been torn off, creating a hairless wound in the cat.

This scenario requires that you find the cause of the bite, if your cat has access to the outside, make sure that it can be protected from bites. For example, if your cat is not neutered, it will tend to fight, so make sure it is neutered to prevent it from rubbing up against other feral cats.

If your cat ventures near dangerous places, place a GPS collar to know where he is going exactly and if necessary, restrict his movements outside, by preventing him from going out at night or by placing a cat fence .

Reaction to a drug

If your cat is on medication, check to see if a side effect might be the cause of the problem, and if so, go to the vet so he can get another medication. And above all, do not give your cat medication yourself, ours are not suitable for them and could be dangerous.


Cats can hurt themselves outside, and sometimes stupidly, by clinging to a branch when they try to go down a tree or by falling on the ground in the stones for example. So if the sore appears to be related to an injury, your cat should be monitored and given treatment if necessary.

How to prevent the cat from scratching its wound?

The most embarrassing part of healing is that the cat tends to scratch its wound, so to prevent it, make sure it is totally impossible for it to scratch, here’s how to do it.

Put an Elizabethan collar on her

A collar of this type will prevent him from scratching but on the other hand, your cat should not go outside as long as he wears it, because these senses will be disturbed and leaving him outside can be dangerous for him.

Put him in a jumpsuit

A jumpsuit for cats or for babies if it suits him will have the same effects, but make sure he is not too hot, this method is especially suitable in winter, and will not prevent him from using his senses. outside.

Apply healing ointment

The healing ointment will relieve your cat but above all, will ensure that the wound heals, take a cat ointment well.

Will the hairs grow back?

If the wound isn’t too deep, the hair will grow back quickly and your cat will regain its coat, so don’t let this drag on too long.

The consequences if nothing is done

If nothing is done, the wound will not heal, will get worse and above all will get along, so act well to solve the problem as long as it is not yet too late.

Cat hairless wound: The final word

The wound must be healed quickly but to really act on the root of the problem, find the cause to avoid any recurrence or any healing problem.