If your cat growls when you touch him, he can do it for 3 main reasons, in this article, you will discover how to find the cause and react well so that your cat stops growling when you touch him.

Cat that growls when touched: Why and what to do?

If your cat starts to growl, then it’s likely to do so for one of three reasons:

He wants to be quiet

If your cat was sleeping or eating, then it’s normal for him to growl, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t touch him when he doesn’t want to. There is nothing special to set up, not being a real problem, but also teach your children to leave it alone, which they often forget.

He is hurt

If your cat is in pain, then it will hurt when you touch it on a specific point, and the injury will not necessarily be apparent. In fact, if your cat has an internal injury, it could be a much more serious problem, such as bleeding. So if your cat hurts when you touch it at a specific point, watch it closely and take it to the vet if nothing changes quickly.

Also make sure to give him the best environment possible, by keeping him well inside and always making sure he can be reassured, anti-stress pheromones for cats can help him.

And do not forget to understand what may have caused the injury, because it can be, for example, a fall from the balcony or a fight between cats. You will have to make sure that the situation does not happen again.

He is afraid

A frightened cat will be agitated and fearful, if yours is in the middle of stress, it can also growl when you touch it, many things can make it stress and finding the cause is essential. For example, it could be a problem related to a move or a problem with a new animal with which you will have to tame it, going step by step and always being attentive, especially if they have a predator-prey ratio in the wild.

To calm his fear in seconds, although it is not a solution that treats the problem at the root, you can diffuse an anti-stress solution that will act on his pheromones to calm him down. For anxious cats, it is a very good way to make him regain calm in certain situations, such as a car trip or work in the neighborhood for example.

Cat that growls when touched: The final word

If your cat growls when you touch him, find the cause, then it will be very easy to act correctly so that he stops doing it, while treating the problem at the root.